Is this a dirty play by Wade on Irrelevant session watch video inside?

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It was a dirty play

But lets not bring attention to that and then act like Dwight Howards foul on Kenneth Farried the same night is nothing.

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The foul on Farried was

The foul on Farried was really really vicius. I don't think Dwight is famous for doing fouls like that but Kenneth could have falen on his head or breaking an arm not to mention facial injuries. Is Dwight suspended for a game or just thrown out of the game?

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To me this is a dirty play,

To me this is a dirty play, looking back at Wade's history he is notorious for them, so it doesn't shock me. I took a football perspective into this and thought it is hard stopping your body when you are going hard to the basket, but as you can see Wade slows down and drags his foot before the kick there is not much need for him to pick up his foot that high again. Lastly, the reason Wade got fined is because he hit Sessions in the balls, if the kick landed anywhere else he would not have gotten fine and it would still only be whispers of his dirty play, rather than his own team's beat writer posting a blog listing his most dirtiest of plays on

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I love Wade

He's a very dirty player and very good flopper.

Great role model.

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Yep, Howard is the dirtiest

Yep, Howard is the dirtiest player in the league. How many games has Rose missed due to Howard ?

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Dirty play but a flop by

Dirty play but a flop by Sessions.

1. I'm pretty sure he was wearing a cup.
2. It wasn't much of a hit to make him fall.
3. He gets right up as if the pain just disappeared.

Another dirty play by Wade but an awful soccer flop by Sessions.

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I disagree.

Even the word flop should not even be considered if a guy kicks another guy in the balls. What happens after is what's irrelevant, you just don't do it. Wade has the ball for goodness sake - what a dumb move, from a guy that complains to refs so much..... It's really annoying for me to see this from someone I respect so much.

Howard's foul wasn't half as bad as in my opinion.

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My reaction feeling a hit

My reaction feeling a hit coming towards my groin is backing up or falling back to lessen the hit. I didn't know NBA players wear cups too ? I thought it was more for a impact sport like Football and Hockey.

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(No subject)

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I missed the shot. So, ref

I missed the shot. So, ref call a foul on that hand that went by my face, but didn't touch me. Oh Wade, LOL

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Not dirty

I dont think Wade intentionally tried to kick him in the groin. He wanted to make contact but inadvertently got him in the groin. So i wouldnt call it dirty, but unfortunate. However, the vid above me is HILARIOUS...

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Yea... That was a dirty play

Yea... That was a dirty play by D. Wade. I don't know how anybody can call that a flop on Sessions. He got kneed in the nuts. Just getting tapped in that area is enough to have you covering up.

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That was pretty bad, but as

That was pretty bad, but as far as cheap shots go, Ndamokang Suh really got his money's worth. The best part is that they couldn't even penalize him because he wasn't even looking when he kicked Schaub.

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