Dionte Christmas ......The lost Draftee

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Dionte Christmas ......The lost Draftee

Whats next for dionte christmas???...........He is a good player and could have been another Michael Redd But what happened??Were would he end up from here??

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philly could use more

philly could use more shooters and he is a hometown guy.

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He should have been drafted

He should have been drafted

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yeah he should have

i agree about him going to try out for the sixers. i think he could help him and he should have def made the second round last night. also i think heytvelt should have been a pick and id like to see him make the cavs roser. hes big, athletic, and can shoot. his athleticism and scoring is what the cavs need in another big man

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He was not another Micheal

He was not another Micheal Redd... But i think a team like the Knicks, Clippers, 76ers, Mavs and Kings will take a look at him for a good rotational player.

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wat about mcneal and matthews. they were two solid players in college and were projected in alot of peoples mocks.

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He should have been drafted

Dionte Christmas should have been drafted he is a great shooter. Im suprised that the Knicks didn't try to get him in the second round since they couldn't get Curry in the first round like they wanted.

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Roger Mason Jr. like?

I think that Dionte Christmas is a guy that could serve as a Roger Mason Jr. type player. A primary sub who comes off the bench and gives you quality scoring and good perimeter shooting. I'm not sure if he'll ever develop into a Michael Redd, but I do know that guys like Dionte Christmas are the backbone of Championship teams. Some situations that I think would be good for him include: Cleveland, Phoenix, New Jersey, Chicago, New Orleans. None of these teams have legitimate scoring guards coming off the bench that I can think of. Phoenix does, but i dont think that Steve Kerr would down a good shooter coming off the bench. He's knows that role all too well. New York works also. Aside from Marbury, D'Antoni's never met a guard he didnt like.

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Summer league, then NBDL

This always happens to undrafted players. Some NBA team picks them up on a summer league roster, only to have the player underwhelm the coaching staff and end up on a NBDL team. I think Christmas should've been taken in the mid-40s, but hey, I guess they thought he didn't have an NBA body and he didn't play against great competition. It happens.

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