Dieng or Plumlee?

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Dieng or Plumlee?

Isn't Gorgui Dieng more valuable on an NBA roster than Mason Plumlee?

Plumlee is slotted top 20 and Dieng early second. Dieng is obviously known for his D and shot blocking ability but has shown he can knock down mid-range shots with consistency, PnP ability, and potential to develop a nice back to the basket game (even seen a few beautiful turn-around fades). I was high on Plumlee early in the season, he's obviously super athletic, good looking frame, but I don't see him having a big influence on any games. I also see him getting worked and bullied in the paint on occasion, especially in the MSU game. I am hoping the Bulls take a serious look at Dieng if KCP isn't there, but why is he slotted so low in the new mock? I have really soured on Plumlee and would probably take Dieng, Payne, Withey, and possibly others ahead of him.

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I was looking at the mock draft and was wondering the same thing. I think that Dieng should be a first round pick in this years draft. He is a good one on one defender. He can block shots and has wonderful timing. He can play the pick and roll as well as the pick and pop. He has nice touch and is developing a low post game. But one of the best things about him is that he is willing to learn. He has grown so much during his time at Louisville. He is coach-able. I don't think he is going to be an all star but I do see him as a solid pro.

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at this point... plumlee is

at this point... plumlee is the safer pick than dieng... plumlee has played all four years.. has a title under his belt and is more polished.... I like dieng for the long term but his game is still pretty damn raw... hes likely coming back for his senior yr so we'll see how he progresses

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what does having an NCAA

what does having an NCAA title under your belt mean for NBA success? look at plumlees stats

the only area in which he was more efficient was free throw shooting, the rest of his stats flatten out if you account for this minutes played. do you think he's going to get NBA credit for those 7 points a game he averaged when dook won a title when he was a sophomore? did title experience matter when they got bounced in the first round last year? what about title experience getting dominated this year?

both are comparatively old as shit, but dieng is the better prospect. Plumlee is a &$#%#[email protected]! athlete though, for sure.

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Bulls Pick

Plays defense and is coachable sounds like the perfect combination for Thibs in Chicago. Really like that pick. I hope the kids stock goes through the roof and he gets in this years draft. Otherwise, I could see him returning to school.

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Plumlee has improved a ton

Plumlee has improved a ton too, when he got to duke he had nothing other than athleticism and now he has a back to the basket game and I think he can develop a 15 foot jumper, a lot of guys do that once they get to the NBA. Neither of them will be stars, they will both be solid 10 year NBA players.

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Dieng is better defensively.

Dieng is better defensively. He is a better mid range shooter as well....have you seen the hitch in Plumlee's shot? Plumlee could be more athletic and is certainly better at post offense but I think Dieng might turn out to be the better pro.

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taj gibson anyone? thats who

taj gibson anyone? thats who dieng reminds me of at times.

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imo could become Larry Sanders as best case and Theo Ratliff as a worst case

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Dieng can block shots and

Dieng can block shots and alter shots. Plumlee doesn't do much of that. Dieng also has a better shot than Plumlee. I like Plumlee but more of a depth guy. Dieng can be a backup center from day one and could probably start on a few teams with no ill effects.

Plumlee's upside might be as a fourth big man, while Dieng could be an X factor with his shot blocking.

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