Did y'all see this Shady00018 Trailer for 2k14

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Did y'all see this Shady00018 Trailer for 2k14

By now, you guys must know about this YouTuber and his quality highlight reels for 2k. Well, he put this one out and HOLY GARBANZO beans! Another quality trailer by him

(also, shameless plug here but if anyone wants to watch some Vines i have been making (sidebar: Shout out to our fellow user AirMcLemore who has posted about his vine account Quality Highlights) [just for fun during my off time/breaks] and kind of want to see the real I May Be Wrong, be my guest but like and/or revine lol... It's kind of a stress reliever and while my vines are still a work in progress, you may get a chuckle out of it. Anyways here is one just search for my name if you wanna

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Everything looks pretty

Everything looks pretty except for Lebrons hair line

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I wish this were actually

I wish this were actually 2k14, or even 2k13 graphics, but it's just a PC mod.

He's an incredible video maker though.

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I get so excited to do these

I get so excited to do these amazing moves and crossovers and when I get it...I cant do a single one and Toungue out like 23 just mocks me while he destroys people online with his super saiyan 76'ers

Cool videos by the way man you need to feature the Late Night Mob

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