Did Anyone else Noticed that the Lakers Honored SHAQ With a BACKWARD JERSEY?

It was great to see my favorite center Shaquille O'Neal have his Lakers Jersey retired and placed with some of the ALL TIME Lakers Greats....But i noticed that his jersey was backwards...Maybe someone might've Sabotaged it......Maybe it was Dwight or Kobe?


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This is how Shaq's NORMAL Lakers Jersey Looks, both Front & Back....

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Oh I get it...like the team

Oh I get it...like the team was The Los Angeles O'Neals during his tenure?

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Yahoo just made an article about it .http://tinyurl.com/cp4hcmr

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I have to call you out and

I have to call you out and say there is no way you noticed that yourself haha. You would have read one of the many articles people have been writing about it. Pretty funny but.

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