Did anyone else expect a lot more from Rodney Purvis??

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Did anyone else expect a lot more from Rodney Purvis??

I mean before he got to NC State I actually heard people call him the next Dwyane Wade. I'm just not seeing it at all. He's honestly played like a regular freshman instead of a one and done player. With the way the season is going, does anybody see him leaving school early still?

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I did, I kept hearing him

I did, I kept hearing him being compared to Monta Ellis by people on this site, I expected alot more from Lorenzo Brown also

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Disclaimer: UNC Fan from

Disclaimer: UNC Fan from Raleigh.

I think you guys have to take some time to get used to the team that NC State has. They are basically like a matured version of UK. Not all the hype but you are talking about some NBA prospects on that team. Its not easy for Purvis to stand out.

They made a critical mistake last night against MD when they had the game in the bag...if not for that, that wouldve been their best start to an ACC season in over 30 years!

What more do you expect from Brown? He is avg 13, 7, and 4. Prospect. Mainly because he can get anywhere he wants with his handle and his size allows him to finish. Plus he has a high IQ, plays under control and steady, and is a good shooter.

Leslie may be their best player/prospect and he is still developing his game, lol. A very good college player despite not being a finished product.

Howell is an underated prospect who I dont see him not making a roster with his rebounding ability. He is quick on the offensive glass.

I can see Wood making a squad too, he is a specialist but a damn good one.

TJ Warren is a pure scorer who may win ACC ROY. The guy is lights out at about 67% FG.

all of those guys avg in double where does that leave room for Purvis to shine? he is playing the role that Gottfried needs him to play. Although he could potentially be the best of this group, its not his role to come in and take over. I am sure he returns next year, but him and Warren will be the go-to guys and I guarantee people's opinions of him will change. He is playing pretty good this season but college is not a mirror image of how a player projects in the pros.

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I did too, hes smaller than i

I did too, hes smaller than i thought because he does not "go hard" like i saw in high school. He needs to get confidence to just be a good 2 guard, if not he may have to play the point next year when Zo leaves and if Cat Barber cant play it right away

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He's the only underclassman

He's the only underclassman starter on the team and he's averaging roughly 10 ppg on 45% shooting, while shooting 40% from deep. It's not like he's been terrible. Remember when everyone on here jumped on Drummond for his lack of production too?

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And remember when we didn't

And remember when we didn't use to give up on a guy after one year, before the one-and-done became a regular thing? Just because he's not a star his very first year like a lot of other Freshmen doesn't mean he won't be good. Granted, I haven't seen him play enough to judge him, but I don't think we should give up on a guy who's only been there one year. Remember Evan Turner? He wasn't anything special his first year. Only 9 points on 47% shooting, 3 assists, and 4 rebounds as a Freshman.

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Anybody who was calling him

Anybody who was calling him the next D-Wade didn't know what they were looking at. Either that or they were making comparisons off of mixtapes which is usually the case. He doesn't nearly have the same dimensions as D-Wade. He has the length of an average PG, while D-Wade has the length of an average SF. D-Wade plays way bigger.

Plus this is a kid who's played on the ball his entire life. I expect him to come back next yr and play on the ball more.

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Sometimes the college game

Sometimes the college game just takes some getting used to, 10 ppg at 45% fg is still great for a freshman. Especially on a team with so many solid veteran guys. He's no slouch, give him time and he will develop, I'm looking forward to watching him for the next couple years. To say this season has been a disappointment is going too far, freshman have a lot to get used to their first year of college, that goes well beyond basketball..

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He's been good..I would like

He's been good..I would like to see him play on the ball more or maybe get the backup PG minutes when Zo goes to the bench. I'm not sure he'll be on the ball that much next year..I figure Tyler Lewis will improve plus Cat Barber will be there too.

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we compare every athletic

we compare every athletic 6'3'' to 6'4'' 2 guard that can slash to dwade... I remember someone saying that and its true.... hes having a good yr regardless....this guy in the open court is a monster

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i was looking for J.Selby

i was looking for J.Selby type of season..but he is not that bad i believe he is a prospect for next years draft

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They were overhyping this kid

They were overhyping this kid back when he was a SOPH in high school, even had him as the next JWall for some reason, I guess being from the Triangle.

And how in the hell was his teamate, the little opie kid tyler lewis as MCD'er????

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