Dhamp2 is BACK!!! one year later

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Dhamp2 is BACK!!! one year later

Dhamp is back for March Madness. I'm the guy who made this site popular with my smack talk back in 2008. I do cameos now...Every March.. But, here it goes again....Syrcause is going to the final four; just like I said last year.

1. Watch out for Georgia State if the make the tournment. I have them in my sweet 16

Dhamp...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown, anyway!!!

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Yeah... I don't know who you

Yeah... I don't know who you are, but welcome back Mr Negs =)

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Your great basketball mind

Your great basketball mind has gotten you -280 points. Let the negging begin again. We've missed you!

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Syracuse in there last 7

Syracuse in there last 7 games

2 wins, 5 losses

Not exactly going into the tournament on fire...

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Speaking of Hubie Brown..What

Speaking of Hubie Brown..What Happened to Siggy? He havent posted since January..

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