Devendorf officially signs with agent: Forced by Boeheim

Devendorf is staying in the NBA draft!!!

Everyone knows I'm a die hard Syracuse baskteball fan! I'm probably Devendorf's biggest fan.

WhiIe I support Devo's decision, I don't agree with how head coach Jim Boeheim ALL BUT FORCED him and Paul Harris to declare for the draft. The way I understand it, Syracuse didn't have anymore schalorships, in specific for Wesley Johnson, the next big college basketball sensation. All indications are either Devo or Harris were going to lose their schlarship; probably because nobody expected them to on campus this long. Harris was to be one and done and Devo two and three out.

Last week, coach B, all but threw Devo and Harris under the bus and basically told Andy Katz of ESPN that Jonhson is so good that he didn't need Harris and Devo, two starters.

I know Devo, a father, is sometimes a loud mouth, but he's getting his degree and got a bad wrap for never hitting a female student.

What do you all feel?

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Wesley Johnson? College

Wesley Johnson? College basketball's next sensation? Is he even in the rivals top 150? J/W because I have never heard of him.

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wes johnson is the truth

Ive had the privileged of watching wes play i go to college at a school that is 5 min from syracuse i see flynn devo every other day. as they beggin to work out for the draft. last week i got to see wes play along side rick jackson this dude can straight up play im guaranteeing he is 1st team all big east at worst 2nd team being the best player on SU. read what iowa state had to say about there star freshman in 2007.

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he's a transfer from iowa

he's a transfer from iowa state

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He's a transfer from Iowa

He's a transfer from Iowa State and he practiced with Syracuse this year. I haven't seen him play, but by ALL accounts, he was the best player on the team, including Jonny Flynn. There's already a lot of First-Team All Big East hype.

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Over seas

Devo came into college taking dudes off the dribble before he was banging threes like he does. I don't think he can hang in the NBA do to defensive liabilities. He will light it up over seas though. He is a baller. He can take dudes off the dribble do to the fact they have to challenge the jump shot. Will not get drafted.

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Wes Johnson

He is a nice player..I liked his game at ISU, but idk about the 1st team big east thing. Honorable mention candidate maybe. But back to the topic, what is Devendorf thinking???!?!!!! Randolph Morris all over again

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I dont know what went on

I dont know what went on between him and Jim but he should have stayed at school another year. Maybe it would have upped his chances on getting selected in the 2010 NBA draft but he should sign overseas.

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