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Detroit Pistons

Brandon Knight is playing so so..needs to cut down on the TO...still learning how to run the team.

Monroe isn't giving a full effort (rightfully so, its preseason)

Drummond is living up to is nickname...the "Manchild"...he's a hard to box out...good offensive rebounder..but needs to work on the post game...still doesn't know how to play aggressively in the post...but ill come eventually...great shot the looks of it he should be starting after all star break.

I like Terrrance Williams and what he's done so far..he' s a nice defensive player..nice at playing back up point..good rebounder and(although he may not score alot at pg) he's DISTIBUTES first..which was something we lacked in Bynum..Personally i think he'll make the team...Lawerence Frank seems to have a liking to him..

Daye is still foul prone. but is rebounding better...

Villianueva, i think should be on his way out...but i doubt they'll trade him although Josh Smith didn't want to sign an extent. (hint, hint lol)

Slava Kratsov is on a learning curve so its gonna take awhile so him to get comfortable..

Khris Middelton has a nice little game..someone to keep an eye on..

Kyle Singler...goes out provides energy..and shows his scoring mentality

Flynn....havent seen enough of him..

benjo34 (not verified)

I like this Pistons team,its very young and talented..I have to say that a lot of teams will regret for not takin Drummond,last night he had a duble duble,19 pts 10rb 2 bl,had a one crazy poster on ilyasova..he's gonna dominate this league.

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