Detroit Pistons.

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Detroit Pistons.

Of course it's preseason but Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe looked amazing in limited minutes. This could be one of the top front courts of the future. A mini "twin towers." If Drummond continues to improve and meet his potential to go along with the Great, future all-star steady play of Greg Monroe, Detroit could be a contender in some years, epecially with the rest of the guys around them. Ala- Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey.

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Drummond looked good. He could very well make my Raptors really regret letting him slip to Detroit.

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i watched the whole game and

i watched the whole game and drummond surprised me....

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Drummond looked like an DeAndre Jordan tonight (which isn't bad) ..i think he's be a great lob target, once Detroit can find a pass first back point guard...(or once Brandon start to distribute the ball better). I really like how he mixes it up on defense. But i can't get too excited after one game...but if he plays like this in all the preseasons game then..we will see him in the starting line up....Tayshaun still looked like he's past his prime. knight looked nice...i thought stuckey tore his ACL ...i cringed a little when he fell on amir johnson..Jerebko looked like he got his confidence back..and Jason maxiel was ...jason maxiel

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Honestly Drummond made out

Honestly Drummond made out because Detroit was the best place he could have went. Monroe takes the pressure off him to score inside, while at the same time can look for open lobs from Monroe who is one of best passing bigs in the game today. All Drummond has to do to look good is play hard, and not foul too much. Hopefully those two reach their potential, and we can see Detroit make some noise in the East.

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Detroit is definitely a great

Detroit is definitely a great place for Drummond, but I think he would have fit in equally well with Portland or Sacramento; two teams that already have scoring big men.

That said, people were really sleeping on Drummond leading up to the draft, Andre - like Harrison Barnes - simply needs the extra space you get in the NBA to really find his groove, and it's going to be ridiculous that Barnes and Drummond fell as low as they did in a few years.

As far as the Pistons are concerned I'm really impressed with their young core; Brandon Knight is a disciplined leader who isn't afraid of the big shots and will only improve as he gets older, Monroe is the fundamentally sound big man who can do it all offensively, and Drummond is the athletic freak with the sort of agility you normally see from a guard in the body of a C. Oh, and his timing on shot-blocking is tremendous. They have another perimeter scorer in Stuckey and a bunch of decent role players to boot.

The pieces are all there for Detroit to make a jump into the playoffs sometime soon.

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Everyone gets a +1 from me!

Everyone gets a +1 from me! Andre Drummond has it all going for him right now, he should have been a top 5 pick in the Draft. He would have looked great on the Kings next to DeMarcus Cousins, instead he will look great playing a long side Greg Monroe! The Pistons future looks bright with, Knight, Stuckey, Monroe and Drummond as their main core moving foward! Can't wait to see how Drummond helps the Pistons in the future, during the regular season! His learning curve is moving in the right direction, since the Summer League! He could start for the Pistons soon at C and has the tools to become an NBA star!

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Yes! I wanted the kings to draft him. Cousins and him together would have been nice.

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Drummond looked very good.

Drummond looked very good. Like he knew what he was doing out there. Doubt he will ever become Dwight Howard like he was predicted to like a year or 2 ago but he can definately be special.

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I love Drummond's potential

I love Drummond's potential but you guys gotta take it easy haha... it was 1 preseason game, with amir johnson and aaron gray defending (kind of) him

that being said, I do agree with most of you that he'll make teams regret letting him slip

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1) It is one preseason game.

1) It is one preseason game.

2) Nothing he showed yesterday was at all outside of what was widely believed to be what he could bring to the table. He is a guy who will make his living for the next few years (at least) off dump offs, lobs, and put backs. In as much as that is his limitation, and because of his poor foul shooting and range will see more variability to his night-to-night numbers.

3) That said, a guy who is 6' 11" 270 lbs. with the ability to run like a deer and jump like an Olympian is the best kind of garbage man, especially when Lawrence Frank gets the chance to teach him how to play NBA defense. None of the guys who surround him on Detroit come off as selfish players, and it is probably one of the softer landing spots for Drummond. I have written this about Toronto, but they have way too many shoot first-shoot second-pass if all else fails guys to put Valanciunas in this kind of spot. Why would he fare any better with that team than Ed Davis and Amir Johnson? Guys who are reliant on their teammates for points cannot get total credit or blame.

4) If the Pistons improve at a faster pace than scheduled (playoffs in this year or next), his limitations will get exposed in bigger games with better scouting and more focus. There is a huge gap that exists between "not a bum" and "legitimate NBA star." That gap tends to get overlooked here, as well as every media outlet that covers the NBA, but that doesn't make it any smaller.

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Drummond is pretty

Drummond is pretty good.

Knight has put on some nice weight since entering the NBA.

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