Derrick Williams has come into his own.

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Derrick Williams has come into his own.

In his past 19 games not counting the past three where Kirilenko came back, Derrick Williams averaged 17 and 8 in 33 minutes per game, with Kirilenko out for a good part of this stretch and Pek missing games as well.

People have been hard on Williams, but I think he really is a solid player. He's not a star however I can see him being a fringe All-Star sort of player. Now there is a chance that this is just the Rubio effect and this is another Kenyon Martin situation waiting to happen, but he really has played well inside and out of late, although his three point shot does need some work.

I feel bad for him because Kirilenko is still really good, Dante Cunningham is getting minutes, and Kevin Love will be in the equation either this year or next, plus Budinger is back as well, which means Williams will be getting a whole lot of DNPs. If I'm a young rebuilding team than I try to get him at a discount, he's a very quality player and I'm confident that he will indeed develop in to a very good high end NBA starter.

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Which teams?

Which teams do you think should try to get him?

Maybe Sacramento? Starting him at power forward alongside DeMarcus Cousins might be a good fit skill-set wise, with Derrick Williams ability to hit jumpers.

But I really don't understand Sacramento's rebuilding plan after they got rid of Thomas Robinson so I can't say for certain if they'd be interested in him..

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He reminds me more and more

He reminds me more and more of David West the more he comes into his own. He still needs to work on his shot selection, but I see no reason why he couldn't be considered potential a future All-Star. He's averaging 12 points in 24 minutes as a 21 year old.

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If this is him coming into

If this is him coming into his own then he's not a starting caliber player. His TS for the month of March is 49% which is awful, even more so for a PF. In February his TS was 50% which is bad as well.
He hasn't been efficient, his rebounding is below average for a big (7 a game in 30 minutes for Feb + March), his defense is bad and so is his floor game.
The only thing he's proven the past couple of months as a starter is that he can score inefficiently and inconsistently.

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