Derrick Williams to Cavs

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Derrick Williams to Cavs

Was watching some of that cavs wolves game last night and I noticed Derrick Williams was playing for the cavs. Did a little research and lebron came out and said he wants to sign him long term and that they are lucky to have him. Anyone think he can be a difference maker? Has a chance to resurrect his career in Cleveland.

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If anyone can help resurrect

If anyone can help resurrect his career, it's Lebron. He'd be a good pick-and-pop/roll option with Lebron and Kyrie.

Side note, the Cavs now have 3 of the top 4 picks from 2011

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He's bounced around

He's looked good with the Cavs overall in the 3 games hes played so far.

It's also funny how when he started his career he was stuck behind Love.. he played well after Love got injured in Minnesota and now Love is injured he has shot but this time on a contender.

Drafted right after Kyrie... this site gave him a 10/10 for NBA ready, The thing is.. he had a chance to make Sacramento's starting job his and got phased out. And the same in Miami.

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Side note, Off Topic

The last time a team had the top end of the draft like that the Heat won a ring with pixks 1) Shaq 2) Mourning 3) Laettner.

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The guy is a bust when i

The guy is a bust when i watch him play it seems like he plays ball for a career and not for fun.

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Umm yea so that's a good

Umm yea so that's a good thing right?

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I still remember him saying

I still remember him saying he was the best player out of that class around the time of the draft. Yea...

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