Derrick Williams

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Derrick Williams

Anybody get the reasoning behind picking up his option. Adelman doesn't trust him at all and they still haven't figured out his position. They are spending 16 mil a year on the small forward position the next two years. That's elite money

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Maybe they still hope they

Maybe they still hope they can trade him instead of losing him for nothing.

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Wrong on the money

The money is actually just over $6 million a year and that isnt elite money. They already lost Buddinger for a while and the Wolves know that Williams can slide between 3 and 4. Maybe they don't know exactly how to use him but now they know that he doesn't have that hanging over his head while he plays. Also, if someone wants to trade for him they get him for the next two years instead of just one.

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I think he's talking about

I think he's talking about everyone from the small forward position.... Williams, Budinger and Brewer probably add up to about 16 mil.

Which is like 5.5 mil per player so I don't really see a problem since Williams can play small ball PF and the others can play SG. They are all decent role players and Williams still has pretty good potential.

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Remember when Derrick

Remember when Derrick Williams said he had more superstar potential than Kyrie Irving?

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I think its silly to assume

I think its silly to assume he is a bust already and to make comments about what he said on draft night. He very well could get to an all-star calibre level, he just hasnt had a chance to show much just yet. He played pretty well when K-Love was out, in the regions of 16 points and 6 boards a game in 30 minutes, which is pretty darn good for a 20/21 year old. He still has a LOT of upside, and it would be completely stupid not to pick up his option as he is an incredibly valuable trade chip they could dish to get a pick in this upcoming draft or to get a legit 3 man who isnt always injured ala Chase Budinger

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Depending how their season runs I think he still has some trade value, or if they underperform and Kevin Love wants out, they can flip Love to a team like Chicago for more assets and slide D-Will in as a PF.

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Love to Chicago

Please let that happen. It has been rumored for a long time but Flip seems determined to keep him.

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The only way I'd take that is

If we could get rid of some of our dead weight contracts (i.e. Brewer, Barea, or someone), and take in some combination of Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, Mrotic, and the Bobcats pick in return, that's the only way I forsee it working. The wolves ought to say HELL NO if Booz is offered. You need to get value back if you're giving up the best pure PF in the game right now (Duncs is best all time, no question. I'm saying when healthy, there's no better PF than Love).

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