Derrick Favors and Blake Griffin

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Derrick Favors and Blake Griffin

Has anybody thought that this? They play a very similar game, they're both very athletic and seem to have just about the same ceiling, even though Blake has a higher floor. What's the difference between these 2 players?

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They are similar, but Favors

They are similar, but Favors isn't as ferocious or aggressive as Griffin, and he isn't the scorer that Griffin is. Griffin was more skilled than Favors at the same stage too.

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Blake Griffin is a tank. Say whatever you want about the combine, where I am sure Favors did slightly better than Blake and measured out more impressively, Blake Griffin was a beast both of his years in college. The reason was not solely based on his run and jump athleticism, that is impressive, but in that Blake in stronger than almost anyone he faces. He is just tough to keep out of the paint, and combine that with his determination and skill set, he was the first pick in the draft last year and would have gone probably anywhere 3-5 or so in the incredibly strong 2008 draft (in retrospect I am sure some would say he should have gone 2 over Beasley, but at the time, few people seemed to bring that up). Blake Griffin is flat out stronger than Derrick Favors, and combine that with his production in college, it is hard to put Favors really close to him in comparison. I think Favors has a very high ceiling, maybe even higher than Griffin, but in my opinion, it requires to many different things to happen for them to be in the same class. What separates Favors from a prospect in the Dwight Howard (whose measurements and possible potential led Chad Ford to use this as a comparison) and Blake Griffin is both of their abilities to use their strength to bang downlow. Want to know why some players use their athleticism better than others usually has to do with how much physical punishment they can take, or in some cases give out. This is why Blake Griffin to me would not really be an ideal comparison for Derrick Favors, who I just do not see being a post presence that Griffin will likely be.

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Griffin may have the edge

Griffin may have the edge scoring wise, but Favors has the edge nickname wise:

Derrick "Sexual" Favors

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They are both projected as

They are both projected as mobile, athletic high post pf's.Specializing in work ethic, rebounding and defense. Accept Blake Griffin is better at just about every aspect...

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they arent comparable to me

they arent comparable to me other then being good athletes. and blake wasnt projected over beasley after there freshman year thats why no one talks about that. blake had a good freshman year but beasley had a historic freshman year.

favors just isnt as agressive as blake nor can he handle or shot better. favors is all potential who has a much higher chance to be a bust because hes not that skilled

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