Is Derrck Favors really all that good

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Is Derrck Favors really all that good

I have heard all the hype about Favors, but when I watch him play, he looks completly lost. Granted he is still a teenager, and I would jnot be surprised to see him fourish, but I have not seen anything to lead me to believe that he can be a star at this level. Then again I may be wrong

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who knows

We won't know the answer to your question for at least another 2 years. We can all debate and wonder, but unless you are a stud, it takes a few years for a kid this young to begin to fullfil their potential. Hell, we don't even know what's going to become of Thad Young and hes 22 with a few years under his belt.

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I don't think he's even 20

You can't make that call for another 3-4 years. He has the potential to be a Dwight Howard like guy. But at the same time, he could end up like Stromile Swift. Who really knows? As of right now, though, he looks like he could be a very special player.

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He doesn't look completely lost to me. His basketball awareness is surprisingly high. He is already adept at setting screens, establishing deep post position and moving without the ball. His passing ability is showing signs of rapid improvement and his footwork in the post has been underrated since last year.

Is he a go-to scorer? Can he create for himself consistantly? The answer to both questions is no, and he'll probably never be a top scorer in the NBA. If the Nets drafted him (or the Jazz traded for him) under the impression that he would become a great scorer, than they made a mistake.

Favors has all the physical tools to be a great player in the NBA. He has a high basketball IQ, he's already a great defender, he can make jumpshots out to 15 feet and he's extremely efficent. With these attributes, combined with his toughness and motor, he could be a great power forward in the NBA someday soon. A top-notch defender who doesn't demand the ball to be an effective offensive player. He'll make his teammates better and change the energy of the game with his rebounding ability.

If you haven't seen any of that, then you haven't been watching him play.

He still has his faults. He gets in foul trouble, he takes shots that a player with his offensive ability shouldn't be taking and he lacks aggressiveness in looking for his own shot. Hopefully he can get better in these areas and if he does then there is nothing preventing him from being a 15 points, 12 rebound, 3 blocks a game player in a few years.

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man give favors some

man give favors some time...he was a rookie who is only a teenager...and he plays a tough position in the nba where you have to be strong and physically ready to bang everyday...this will eventually help him turn into one of the most tough and better players in the future.

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Also he had to contend with a

Also he had to contend with a trade in his rookie year and getting to know Utah's system will take him time. He put up better PPG for Utah and his personal foul rate dropped whilst his blocking stats improved so maybe he is finding his feet. Next season he should surely see more playing time up past 25mpg and his stats and efficency should continue to improve.

I agree that we need to wait a few more years to really see how he develops as he's still only 19 years old and it may not be until towards the end of his rookie deal that we can get an accurate handle on how he might progress.

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