DeRozanfan11's Mock Draft 10.1 with Top 5 Comparisons

1. Los Angeles Clippers - Blake Griffin - Comparison - Kenyon Martin
Power Forward, Oklahoma

2. Memphis Grizzlies - Ricky Rubio - Comparison - Jason Kidd
Point Guard, DKV Joventut

3. Oklahoma City Thunder - Hasheem Thabeet - Comparison - Dikembe Mutombo
Center, Connecticut

4. Sacramento Kings - Brandon Jennings - Comparison - Allen Iverson
Point Guard, Roma

5. Washington Wizards - James Harden - Comparison - Manu Ginobili
Shooting Guard, Arizona State

6. Minnesota Timberwolves- Tyreke Evans
Combo Guard, Memphis

7. Golden State Warriors- Jordan Hill
Power Forward, Arizona

8. New York Knicks- Stephen Curry
Combo Guard, Davidson

9. Toronto Raptors- Demar DeRozan
Guard/Forward, USC

10. Milwaukee Bucks- Jonny Flynn
Point Guard, Syracuse

11. New Jersey Nets- Jrue Holiday
Combo Guard, UCLA

12. Charlotte Bobcats- Terrence Williams
Shooting Guard, Louisville

13. Indiana Pacers- DeJuan Blair
Power Forward, Pittsburgh

14. Phoenix Suns- Earl Clark
Combo Forward, Louisville

15. Detroit Pistons- B.J. Mullens
Center, Ohio State

16. Chicago Bulls- Chase Budinger
Small Forward, Arizona

17. Philadelphia 76ers- Jeff Teague
Point Guard, Wake Forest

18. Minnesota Timberwolves- James Johnson
Power Forward, Wake Forest

19. Atlanta Hawks- Ty Lawson
Point Guard, North Carolina

20. Utah Jazz- Eric Maynor
Point Guard, VCU

21. New Orleans Hornets- Gerald Henderson
Shooting Guard, Duke

22. Dallas Mavericks- Darren Collison
Point Guard, UCLA

23. Sacramento Kings- Omri Casspi
Small Forward, Maccabi Tel Aviv

24. Portland Trail Blazers- Sam Young
Small Forward, Pittsburgh

25. Oklahoma City Thunder- Austin Daye
Combo Forward, Gonzaga

26. Chicago Bulls- Wayne Ellington
Shooting Guard, North Carolina

27. Memphis Grizzlies(New York Knicks)- Jack McClinton
Combo Guard, Miami* Traded To New York for Cash

28. Minnesota Timberwolves- Tyler Hansbrough
Power Forward, North Carolina

29. Los Angeles Lakers- Rodrigue Beaubois
Point Guard, Cholet

30.Cleveland Cavaliers- Patrick Mills
Point Guard, St. Mary's

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Mock draft

is great but Rubio will end up in Sac.

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Jennings isnt close to being

Jennings isnt close to being a AI, Kenny Anderson with great athleticism sounds more like it.

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kenyon martin! are u kidding

kenyon martin! are u kidding me. i stopped reading after that. also, why do u have all ur mock drafts with something .1 For example, 9.1, now 10.1

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Overall , I like it. Rubio

Overall , I like it.

Rubio does not compare to Kidd. Kidd is a monster Rebounder for his size.

Check out my mock

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Also, I love the K-MART

Also, I love the K-MART COMPARISON.

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its good

jenning is a.i. i dont think so , ya mock its real good tho

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how do

you know rubio can't be a good rebounding pg?but i don't like the kidd comparison either

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knick fan beat

how do you put jennings at four and from this draft i could tell u are a big knick fan who isn't.cause who would still have stephen going to the knicks after his workout he deserve to go to washington.

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stop pick hording, you're a

stop pick hording, you're a wizards fan. You know how i know this? Because know one else in the world even knew he had a workout in Washington. Don't get mad at other people. You're just going to have to wait and see.

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Probably the best I have

Probably the best I have seen. Couple of mistakes, Griffin to K-Mart, Henderson falling that far, same with psyco-t. I like the Rubio #2, a lot of people put Rubio at #4 cuz that is probably where he will end up (Kings). But the grizzlies will draft him to trade him.

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i agree that Jack McClinton

i agree that Jack McClinton is nice, but I don't feel he is first round material.

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no way

the lakers are not going to pick Rodrigue Beaubois

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Warriors take Hill?

If Griffing is like Kmart trade the pick for a top 10 pick and future picks.

Why would the Warriors take Hill when they have Turiaf, Randolph, Wright at PF.

They will take a PG or SG especially since they plan on trading Crawford.

Henderson going 21st no way he goes that late.

The rest of the draft looks okay except the Nets will not take a PG.

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you are the most flip flop person. How does curry go from 2nd to 8th in a couple hours.
I need soom explanations, is it that people made fun of curry 2nd or what!

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Mock=Good/Mullens to DET=Horrible

I like most of your mock. It's pretty accurate with what's floating around, but what's up with Mullens to Detroit? It's no way Dumars passes on Johnson for some unproven flop from the Land of Flops bka Ohio

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