Deron Williams is Ballin

Another very nice Nets win tonight. On the road during the "Circus Trip" they defeated Dallas. Deron has been reborn. I've noticed that many narratives get established in the first two months of the season and they are a little hard to change. Deron legitimately struggled to start the season. He was still smart with a good handle and court sense. But the shot was hank, and he knew it, the other team knew it and the fans were worried.

Worry no more.

Monthly splits:
January 16 games: 61.4% TS%
February 10 games: 55.9 TS%
March 8 games: 59.2 TS%

Assists: a sold 7+ per game.

He's back!

Just wanted everyone to know. The crazy 11 3pters game you probably heard about (yes, I was there). But while a night like that is of course a fluke, it was just one game in a three month trend of being a high volume and efficient scorer. The real story is that this guy is back to being an elite PG. He is an elite PG with a scoring Center, a rebounding demon, a clutch partner in crime and a bench that is pretty well bought in and ready to fill their roles.

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Deron's play

Do you think the change in Deron's play has anything to do with the coaching change? I really like P.J. as a coach (coming from a Raptor fan) and he is doing a great job with the team.,

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It is more to do with him being more healthy, Carlesimo said it himself during an interview shown last night. His ankles got a rest when they shut him two games before the all star break which game him an extended rest period. Carelsimo has done well with the team as a whole but D-Will getting rest and treatment have been the main reason for the resurge.

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Yeah. PJ is an upgrade from

Yeah. PJ is an upgrade from Avery Johnson, but I still wouldn't call him a good NBA coach. And he didn't implement much in the way of new offensive sets. So while he is definitely helping it isn't a huge difference. Mainly it seems that Deron has gotten healthier. The ankles are better and I suspect that is allowing him to be more active in practice and throughout even his normal day. He has said he can do things like run after his kids now. The result seems to be that DWill has dropped a few pounds as well. And I think that is compounding the effect of being healthier.

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