Deron lowers the axe again...

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Deron lowers the axe again...

Found this on ESPN. Stick a fork in him:

Billy Hunter, the executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, may have been cleared of any criminal wrong doing, however he did make some questionable decisions.

Hunter received an extension in 2010 reportedly worth around $18 million and that doesn't sit well with some players, like Deron Williams, since the 30 team representatives never voted on it.

"I think change is needed, top to bottom," Williams told "I don't think things were getting voted on like they should have been. I'm sure there's guys that are still with Billy, and some guys that aren't. We've just got to figure out what the next step is."

Hunter has been the union's executive director for 16 years.

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I don't agree with hunter

I don't agree with hunter doing this under the table contract, but when your a player making max money plus endorsements, who are you to get mad at a guy that makes a fraction of what you do?

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Because this man has his

Because this man has his hands in their pension money.

Billy Hunter is corrupt as hell. He's using his position as a money grab not only him but for his entire family too.
Then when Derek Fisher sought an audit of Hunter's business practices, Hunter tried to get Fisher removed as Pres of the NBPA.
Hunter was exposed a long time ago. There really is no reason for him to keep holding his position.

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