Denver Nuggets George Karl is The 2012-13 NBA Coach Of The Year

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Denver Nuggets George Karl is The 2012-13 NBA Coach Of The Year

George Karl has won his 1st ever coach of the year award....Under Karl's leadership the Nuggets finsihed the season with the league's best record at home (38-3).The Nuggets had the NBA's 4th best record(57-25) and the Number 3 Seed in the Western Conference Playoffs..

This year there were a number of coaches that could've won the award...My vote would've went to Chicago's coach Tom Thibodeau,he finished 8th in voting.......

Coach of the year Results

1.George Karl ....
2.Eric Spoelstra
3.Mike Woodson
4.Greg Popovich
5.Frank Vogel
6.Lionel Hollins
7.Mark Jackson
8.Tom Thibodeau
9.Kevin McHale
10.PJ Carlisimo

George Karl named 2012-13 NBA Coach of the Year | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE DENVER NUGGETS via @denvernuggets

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I am glad he has one to put

I am glad he has one to put on his shelf because he really is a good coach and I have always been a huge fan of Karl, but I am surprised to see Mark Jackson and Thibs so low. Nobody expected much of the Warriors and Jackson really had them playing good all year. What Thibs did without Rose is nothing short of amazing either. Nuggets were 38-3 at home and had the 4th best record with no allstars so it was well deserved by George Karl.

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Great Honor to a great

Great Honor to a great (regular)season.

Coach Karl was the most underrated coach in league for the last 2 seasons and deserved this big time. Must be great to play for him with all the Freedom his players have on the court while still asking his players to give it all on the defensive end!

I'm really sorry for him that he had to leave the Playoffs early but Currys stroke was just too much. I had the Nuggets playing the Thunder in the Conference Finals until Westbrook was on crutches.

Bitter sweet ending to his season, reminds me a little bit on Dirks MVP season and the first round exit vs the Warriors back then.

Still excited to see what the Nuggets do this Offseason with Iggy and look forward to an exciting next season with an improved Faried - my new favorite player in the league.

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Wow! First ever?!? I could

Wow! First ever?!? I could have sworn he won one coaching the Sonics back in the day. Either way, congrats to Coach Karl. Well deserved and long over due.

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Man how is mark jackson 7th?

Man how is mark jackson 7th? He did an excellent job with this young warriors team giving them their first playoff apperance since the baron davis days while coping with the injury of andrew bogut. He also made the most out of his 3 rookies ezeli barnes and green making them huge contributors for the team's success.

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A deserving coach of the

A deserving coach of the year, but what the hell how did Thibs get the eight spot? I think he has done a remarkable job at Chicago and like the OP said he also would´ve gotten my vote.

Eric Spoelstra 2nd? What makes him so great? And also Woodson is too high for my liking.

My first 10 would be:
1. Thibs
2. Karl
3. Popovich (a lot of injuries and still an excellent result)
4. Mark Jackson (young team well prepared for the NBA rigors)
5. Frank Vogel (Just deserves tons of respect by how he has the Pacers play)
6. Woodson
7. PJ Carlisimo
8. Hollins
9. Spoelstra
10. McHale

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I'm happy people like Mark

I'm happy people like Mark Jackson now, I remember when he first got hired people were saying how bad a coach he was going to be and this and that. Also George Karl really deserves this, happy he got the recognition but too bad how their season ended.

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well deserved

Despite the fact that Spoelstra coached the best team in the NBA, he also has the best player so I thought George Karl (FINALLY) deserves this one... Well done!

By the way, yeah, he did a great job way back during the Sonics era especially during the 1995-96 season but he was up against a coach who just won 72 games with the Bulls... yyyyeah.. so no chance...

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Frank Vogel being 5th is a

Frank Vogel being 5th is a bit high for my liking. His team had a better winning percentage last year and haven't improved that much outside of Paul George. I think Kevin Mchale is way too low. His team is one of the youngest in the league and won 45 games playing in the Western Conference. That was the same amount of wins that the Bulls had this year. If you look at Houston's roster they only have two guys with over 5 years experience in the NBA coming into this year. Those two guys are Francisco Garcia and Delfino.

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