Denver giving up a lot of height to opposing teams.

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Denver giving up a lot of height to opposing teams.

With JaVale McGee out of the line up Denver is giving a lot of height away to opposing teams.

1.Ty Lawson 5'11
2.Randy Foye 6'4
3.Jordan Hamilton 6'7
4.Kenneth Fared 6'8
5.J.J Hickson 6'9

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yeah they are going with a

yeah they are going with a small ball lineup to start out with. Mozgov ended up playing 28 minutes tonight and was very effective going for 23 points 9 boards and 4 blocks. Their wings have good length and getting chandler back gives them even more versatility to go small. But for the time being, I would start Mozgov and then switch to small ball later in the game. Hes the only guy right now that can protect the rim on Denver with Mcgee out.

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Mozgov should be starting

Mozgov should be starting anyway, even when McGee returns. The only reason why McGee starts is because the front office wants him to to justify the contract that he got, not because he deserves the spot.

Koufos was better than McGee and now Mozgov is better than him.

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I wouldn't worry about the

I wouldn't worry about the height of the team if I were a nugget fan, I'd worry about the skill level. That's a starting five to get you Wiggins, Parker or Randle if I've ever seen one.

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The Nuggets NEED Wiggins.

The Nuggets NEED Wiggins. Can you imagine Andrew Wiggins in that mile high altitude? He could run up and down the court and get some easy dunks.

Wiggins would fit in well with Ty Lawson, Jordan Hamilton, Gallo, Kenneth Faried, and Javale McGee.

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