Dennis Smith Jr. Is The Best But who Is 2nd?

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Dennis Smith Jr. Is The Best But who Is 2nd?

Im going to say this one final time as clear as possible without sugarcoating it. Dennis Smith Jr. is better than Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz and Deaaron Fox. He is better than Tatum and Jackson and any of those bigs you got in this draft. He is clearly the best player in this draft.

And if that didnt make you give me a negative point this defenitely will. Jonathan Isaac is the 2nd best player in this draft. Let em rain.

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I’m not going to neg you,

I’m not going to neg you, although you are entitled to your statement; that just shows me you are willing to think outside the box. Since you are decent at projecting guys, I would like for you to give my thread a shot.

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DMO's my guy his threads

DMO's my guy his threads better.

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I was just about to make the

I was just about to make the same thread. Before the draft my bigboard would have looked like this...

1. Markelle

2. Jackson

3. Smith Jr

4. Lonzo

5. Tatum

But now I'm really worried about Fultz' situation in Philly and I think his development is going to be stunted.

Smith Jr is in the perfect situation to grow into a legitmate NBA superstar and I'm still highly impressed with his improvement as a shooter, a versatile scorer (his addition of a mid-range game) and his recovery from the ACL tear.

He also reminds me a lot of Kevin Johnson

In my eyes... Dennis Smith Jr will be the top player from this class

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I'm not saying you're​

I'm not saying you're​ necessarily wrong but I think it's a bit early to make that declaration.

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Call me crazy, but I'm

Call me crazy, but I'm willing to say I'm higher on Donovan Mitchell than I am on Fultz right now. Mitchell continues to impress with his athelicism, tenacity, and production on both ends of the floor. Watch out. He has a little Westbrook in him

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I'm telling myself not to read into Fultz's struggles this preseason & summer league too much..... but Mitchell is already showing significant upside. He's got fire.... and I think Utah is a great situation for him to thrive. On offense their starters will likely play at a very slow pace, so Mitchell can come off the bench and just go full-blast to give Utah's opposition a different look & inject energy / enthusiasm for his teammates.

On defense, Mitchell already looks to be on another level compared to Fultz. Markelle has the tools.... but he hasn't shown much desire and/or awareness on that end of the floor. Can't wait to re-visit this discussion at mid-season!!

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I like Smith Jr and he has

I like Smith Jr and he has Impress. He came into the Perfect Situation that is ready to pass the torch from Dirk. He got drafted to a team with Veterans, who want to win that can provide players that can play off Smith Jr. I honestly would have drafted him if I was the lakers over Lonzo. But i still think/ like Tatum, fultz, and JJ over him.

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Said for awhile that Smith

Said for awhile that Smith and Monk are the two best players from this draft. Wrote on here years ago that Malik Newman was gonna struggle in college and got hammered. Wrote that Skal L was gonna struggle and got hammered again. Also wrote that if Steph Curry played in the 90's he'd be Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and people &$#%#[email protected]! murdered me, then less than two months later Phil Jackson came out and said the exact same thing. Y'all can go and look all of this up. There's several more. Not writing this to brag, just illustrating that I'm usually pretty good with predicting talent, and I got Smith and Monk out of this class. Also got Ball and Fultz Struggling with a capital S.

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Pre and post draft

Before the draft, my top 5 was

1. Lonzo

2. Fultz

3. DSJ

4. Johnathan Isaac

5. Monk

6. Tatum

7. Jackson

8. Zach Collins

9. Fox

10. John Collins

So far I think I underestimated Jackson and Kuzma, and I would downgrade Fultz, Monk, and Zach Collins slightly. I thought Kuzma was a mid second rounder, which seems pretty off. I think Monk will eventually be a shoot first point guard, and he won't get to do that on the Hornets. Fultz changing his jumpshot form is worrisome, but I think he'll figure it out.

Now it's more like:

1. Lonzo

2. DSJ

3. Isaac

4. Fultz

5. Tatum

6. Jackson

7. Monk

8. Fox

9. Kuzma

10. John Collins

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Iast couple games

Monk has shown some game. Straight up scorer as expected but I like the little how hes doing pg minutes. Hes still looking to score but I wasnt sure if his handle was strong enough. Hes just so quick and really smooth. I dont know how hell grow with Kemba or if he could even start alongside him down the road.

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I think we should prob wait ntill they play One NBA game before

we decide who's a star & who's a bust

among a bunch of guys drafted 3 months ago

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Nope. Ive already decided.

Nope. Ive already decided. The best player in this draft is Dennis Smith Jr and its hard not to notice at this point. Saying Isaac is the second best is a stretch for sure and is very unlikely to come true but Smith is 100% the best player from this draft.

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It all depends on who can stay healthy for the longest honestly

Smith has a nice skill set that I can agree on but it will all depend on the longterm health he can sustain as his playstyle could lead to the type injuries D-wade and Rose had.

Best players right now though is all dependent on what you were looking for when you drafted that player:

For example the Lakers were looking for a faster pace and better ball moving PG.

So with that said:

I see the top 6 being a little like this from this class:

Ball-He is giving the lakers everything they drafted him for: Hype,ball movement and ability to push the pace. The only slight concern is the niggles which seem to be plaguing him as of now.

Smith-He has D-rose mixed with Cp3 type game by this I mean he has the speed of rose but the range of Cp3..The interesting call will be how much of a passer will he be.

Josh jackson- He has the tools to be two way player and has shown his shot is progressing a little due to hitting a reasonable amount shots.

Taytum-Has the greatest longterm potential if used right as: He has length,range, a semi reliable shot and is playing for a winner so may have a smaller learning curve vs players on teams that are losing right now...

Kuzma-Kind of reminds me of a Jabari parker/Chandler parsons(minus the injuries) type player his ceiling is a little lower due to his age but his skill set and drive are respectable.

Fox-Nice skill set should be fine but like ball I wonder about the small niggles that have hit him also.

I will leave Futlz off for now as we don't know what he will be like yet as he may be compensating due to injuries that aren't being disclosed and altering his playstlye: That Knee which I have a feeling there may be something go on with(see college knee issue) and shoulder issue-Hence the sports tape on shoulder.

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No Lauri Love?

Im a NC State grad so obviously I am high on Smith,

But I dont see Lauri Markannen in any of yalls list. Not saying hes #1 but I would say hes definitely top 10.

If you guys watched how he played in Euroleague this summer you would probably be higher on him. He has looked like the real deal. I think he will be the best 7 foot "pure" shooter in the league eventually. It may take him time but he has a higher ceiling than people give him credit for and could easily end up being a top 5 player from the draft.

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I like Dennis Smith (hope he

I like Dennis Smith (hope he stays healthy) and Josh Jackson. Also think Fox will be solid and Jarrett Allen at pick 22 will be good value.

I just don't see the hype around Jonathon Isaac...

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