Dennis Schroeder vs CJ McCollum

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Dennis Schroeder vs CJ McCollum

Who will be the better player in the NBA???

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I really like both of them.

I really like both of them. Right now I'd say McCollum, but Schroeder grows on me more and more every day. I have him as the second PG behind Burke (I think McCollum will be a 2 in the NBA). They both have a lot to bring to the table. Both of them will have very good careers.

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I'm going to say Mccollum

I'm going to say Mccollum reminds me of a Randy Foye coming out

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Im curious,how is Shroeder

Im curious,how is Shroeder growing on you?Is it only the hoops summit game?Ive watched only two full games of his a while ago,but checking his last games of his season,and the games he logged 30+ pts,boxscores,nothing seems amazing...But like havent seen live footage in awhile,if u have of his last games of the season,im curious.

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Both are being overrated

Both are being overrated rather badly.

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I read that the suns may be

I read that the suns may be considering CJ with there first pick, are you kidding me? I have him as a mid first round pick late lottery, good scorer but in my eyes not a starter. And Dennis i hate the rondo with a jump shot comparison, not nearly as good a passer or defender. But i say CJ overall better.

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