Deng to be F/A in 2014

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Deng to be F/A in 2014

I'm sure this is just a tactic by Deng's agent so the Bulls pay up quickly. If I'm the Bulls though, I'm in no rush to resign him, Jeremy Butler is the perfect replacement, we could probably see Deng moved this season if this is the case.

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So is LeBron. I wonder who

So is LeBron. I wonder who the Bulls will call first...

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Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler

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Gee, his contract is expiring and he'll be a free agent?

No shit. That's the case for everyone. Why is this news? And who the &$#%#[email protected]! is Jeremy Butler?

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report---- Updating a


Updating a previous report, the Bulls have informed Luol Deng that they won't seek to extend his contract until after the 2013-14 season.
According to Deng's agent, "Luol has taken the position that he will definitely go through the free-agent process [next summer]." He'll join a deep pool of free agents that could potentially include forwards Paul Pierce, Shawn Marion, Rudy Gay, Andrei Kirilenko and Metta World Peace. The Bulls paid $3.9 million in luxury taxes for the 2012-13 season, and will face steeper taxes if they exceed the threshold in consecutive seasons.

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I mean i know this trade has

I mean i know this trade has been said before but it just makes sense, only if Chicago believes EJ can be healthy

Deng for Eric Gordon

Pelicans: get a wing defender and a veteran leader

Holiday - Evans - Deng - Davis - Smith
Rivers - Morrow - Aminu - Anderson - Withey / Steimsma

Bulls: Get a scorer who can stretch the floor to pair with D Rose

Rose - Gordon - Butler - Boozer - Noah
Hinrich - Dunleavy - Snell - Gibson - Moahmmed

The bulls have to believe in EJ and Butler before they would do this

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I hope it can work

I would hate to see the bulls lose Deng to free agents, plus I would like to see EG on the bulls with Rose, They played together in AAU. If he could be healthy the bulls would be unstoppable in the back court.

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I just think for money

I just think for money reasons they are going to have to let Deng walk this summer. That is not a good look for the Bulls. I know that Butler is a good player but I would still have Deng a head of him right now. So if they can't work something out with him that is bad for the Bulls.

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Bulls and Deng Bad Blood

There are underlying issue(s) between Deng and the Bulls as well. Deng took some heat from Bulls brass when he refused to have surgery on his wrist and instead played in the Olympics for Great Britain in the summer olympics a couple of years ago. There was also some stressed relations between them on the illness that Deng went thru in the playoffs last year. He had "flu like symptoms" and had a spinal tap procedure, which had serious side effects and rendered him unable to play. Both of these were handled poorly by the Bulls from a public relations standpoint.

In the end I think money will be the deciding factor. If the can get him to a 4 year deal at $8-9M rather than the $14M he is at now, than I think they are close enough to make a deal work. If someone else is willing to pay more, I think the Bulls let him walk. He will be tough to replace however and I am not yet convinced Jimmy Buckets is the answer.

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Deng will be 29 when his next

Deng will be 29 when his next contract expires and there might be logic in Chicago looking to tie him up early but I think all their future planning will depend on what happens when D-Rose returns as he is the key to their future. They also have to evaluate where the cap is as they have nearly $57 million promised to D-Rose, Boozer, Gibson and Noah in 2014-15, if we put Deng at a ballpark $10 million a year that is nearly all their cap room on 5 players and doesn't include a starting SG.

They have a potential new contract for Jimmy Butler in 2015-16 also to consider, plus when does Nikola Mirotic come over and what will his salary be plus the pick due from Charlotte by 2016, there are numerous reasons why they will not rush into a big contract decision just yet.

I don't believe that Deng playing in his home Olympics would have created an issue for him at the Bulls personally as would they have objected if a fit D-Rose had gone and he needed a minor surgery I wonder.

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If they can pull a sign and

If they can pull a sign and trade after this season, that would be the way to go.

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i think if the bulls lose

i think if the bulls lose deng, they should shop for another sf or get one through the draft (unless snell ends up being a very solid starter quality which is possible), even if they picked up gordon. i'm sure butler and gordon could play together, but i like butler at sg more. they would need another sf at least in the rotation. this could give butler some time at both wing positions, and insurance in case they went with an injury prone gordon. either way, if deng leaves they need to replace his presence somehow. deng's importance for lebron james assignments would potentially be missed and miami is still the class of the nba.

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which teams

have enough money and a hole at the sf? I think there could be a good market for him out there cap room dependant. After the Draft when teams realize they will not have Wiggins or Parker or whoever the hot name is at the time will look at him as a great option depending on the teams direction. Clevend would be a great spot imo. ATL has room too .

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