DeMarre Carroll

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DeMarre Carroll

he plays extremly hard but can he play in the nba?

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there seem to be many 6'8 athletic wings with no shooting ability floating around in Europe who couldnt cut it in the pros seems like a match made in heaven

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He could be a good hustle

He could be a good hustle player coming off the bench. He should get drafted very late in the 2nd round. I think it will be hard for him to make it in the league though because he can't guard SF's and he is a little small to be a PF. He will have trouble scoring at the nba level too.

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Carroll = High Energy

DeMarre Carroll is NOT a future star.

But, he is the epitome of high energy. He can run the floor, pass, has decent range, has good defensive IQ, and a great motor. If I were a team at the end of the 1st RND or beginning of the 2nd RND in need of a great bench guy, I take Carroll over a project that COULD turn into something in four or five years.

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Carrolls future in Euro league

i agree with newyorknickssuperfan and gatorheels. Carroll is a good college player but is an udersized 3-4 tweener. He is a good European player not an nba player

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