DeMarcus Cousins Offense Highlights 2012/2013

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DeMarcus Cousins Offense Highlights 2012/2013

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Amazing how good he is in the

Amazing how good he is in the fast break for such a big guy. However, this is pretty much all the Kings do; cool offensive moves from Cousins and Tyreke, long threes from Jimmer, but no defense.

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Is Skill and Talent are huge that it's scary when he gets and matures to play the game lol

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What really stands out to me

What really stands out to me are his hands and perimeter footwork. You wouldn't think a 280+ lbs center could break people down the way he does, but the way he attacks the defenders back shoulder, as well as use shoulder fakes and a low drive. I'm sure it affects his offensive fouls as well as his turnovers, but its impressive. Just not super efficient.

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Those sure are some heavy

Those sure are some heavy dunks.

But for all the neat moves, you'd have to search pretty hard to find another center with a lower FG% than Cousins 47%. Maybe there is a reason the other centers don't throw up flip shots after spins moves off the dribble.

The Kings are so bad it is hard to tell if anyone on the team is taking winning seriously. So if Cousin wants to practice tough stuff like shooting threes and high speed spin moves, maybe that is the best thing he can do. He might just be making himself better.

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I wouldn't want him on my

I wouldn't want him on my team. Absolute cancer the way he cries about everything. Someone needs to grab him by his ear and cuzz him out kg style. If he can just shut up and play regardless of what happens on the court , he has a shot to be a decent player. Not big on his conditioning and he rarely gets off the ground at times. In addition his defense is quite mediocre. Has ways to go

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