Demar Derozan

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Demar Derozan

Is he extremely underated because he's apart of the Raptors?



His numbers are listed above. He's a main contributor to the Raptors and yet not a lot of people talk about him. I ask because I was looking at some of his highlights from the lockout and man the kid can score, really enjoy watching him play. Anyways, long story short if you could rate him 1-10 as a player what would you rate him? I personally see him as an easy 7, solid role player, could be more if he works on certain things but still a good player.

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7 sounds good. He definitely

7 sounds good. He definitely passes the eye test with a smooth game and incredible leaping ability. The main issue is that he was asked to do too much on offense last season. (Or at least that's what Demar thought. He never passed the ball).

Ross is going to make him much more effective since there won't be a need for him to play on the perimeter.

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Cannot shoot

Cannot shoot

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He made a huge jump between

He made a huge jump between his rookie year and his 2nd season which led me to believe he was going to breakout this past year. Unfortunately his numbers regressed somewhat and he wasn't what I expected, but he still has a very bright future. He's only 22 and has proven that he is a nice slashing scorer, can get to the line at a decent rate and is a good defensive player. He has improved his jump shot, but it still needs a lot of work. Once he improves that enough and works on taking better shots he could be a big time 2 or 3.

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I'd give DeRozan a

I'd give DeRozan a 76/100

solid player but definitely more of a 3rd option on a reliable squad

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I agree completely. I also

I agree completely. I also think he is better suited to play the SF so he needs to put on some muscle and become a lock down defender

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He reminds me of Richard

He reminds me of Richard Jefferson. Good defender, Great athlete, decent handles, good mid range shooter. He is a very good role player that won't hurt the team. And really is a third option.

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Not a Believer

I have watched all most all of his games being from Toronto. He is one of the most athletic players in the league he has a consistent set mid range shot but he can barely create for himself he has a weak handle for a two guard and gets by his defenders on his athletism and quickness. He doesn't rebound the ball as well as he should or defend the perimeter nor does he have any consistent playmaking abilities passing out of shots and mid air drives and rarely attacks the rim with the power and hoops he has.
His size build age and athleticism have ALLSTAR written all over it but he needs alot of polishing to do and hard work.

My grade is a 6.5 role player 4th or 5th option

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Demar Derozen has peaked on a

Demar Derozen has peaked

on a championship tea (all i care about)

He's a 4th option

not talking mess...4th with a ring gets mad respect from me

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How has demar peaked when

How has demar peaked when he's steadily improving every year and is 22??? I'm a huge demar fan he has added a new dimension to his game every year, his rookie season they said he was only an athlete, his second year he proves he can score but he has no jumper, his third year he showed major improvement on his jumper, this guy can only go up the sky is the limit

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I think he really

I think he really underwhelmed this season after a great second year, but I'm not quite ready to give up on him; he had a new coach, no training camp and was asked to do a lot for the Raptors with Bargnani out. Having Lowry, a healthy Bargs and incoming rookies Ross and Valanciunas in addition to a full training camp should see him bounce back hopefully.

A lot of players from his draft class failed to develop this past season for various reasons (Tyreke, Jennings, Curry). It was a lockout year, take it with a grain of salt when discussing young players.

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If I were managing a team,

If I were managing a team, Derozan would have no place on my roster other than as a defensive specialist who could learn to reliably hit the open 3. Derozan is not a SG and he's a modest SF. He is extremely overhyped. His 16ppg is going to take a huge dive this season. Gerald Green is 10 times the player Derozan is right now. I know Green struggled early in his career and went over sea's to put it all together, but he exploded at the end of last season and did everything Derozan should be doing. My main concern is Colangelo pays this guy. I don't see how Derozan is any better then Sonny Weems at the moment.

There may be growth in the future and Derozan is still extremely young... but its time to pull his socks up and put the pieces together.

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Honestly Derozan is a nice

Honestly Derozan is a nice young player but if the raptors plan to make the playoffs, he cant be the guy you count on to get you there.

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Kid has no J

It worried me when he was in the draft. He is not big enough to play three all the time to me. He cant play two all that great with no J. Would be suited better in a run and gun. Fast PG like Jennings would help him.

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he does keep improving

he seems too improve a little each year and at only 22 he could turn into a second option guy but im more towards him being a 3rd guy imo bringing ross into play the 2 is gonna help dd as i c him more as a sf

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I live in Toronto also and I

I live in Toronto also and I have to say that he has potential but I cant see him being better than 2/3 option. Firstly he plays small, when I heard and read and saw highlights of him even now when I see highlights of him in summer leagues it look like different player. For a guy who is so athletic and has this rep of crazy slasher/dunker it has never shown up in his profesional game. He seem to play much smaller than 6'7". If I didnt know for fact he was measured at pre-draft camp I would swear he was really around 6'4" in shoes he just plays small. His rebounding is below average as is his passing, handle and defence. All that said he still shows he can score reasonable well. Right now I would say he is a 6/10 with the potential to get to 7.5-8. I thin k Ross playing behind him will keep him motivated and push him in practice, he has potential to much better than he is but then again how many guys in nba do we say that about.

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Still to early to tell...dude

Still to early to tell...dude hasn't even scratched the surface yet.

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He's definitely not a first

He's definitely not a first option, but playing on the Raptors this year being the 3rd option will definitely help his development.

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Demar is fine and will only

Demar is fine and will only get better. A 7 out of 10 is about right, but that will go up. He was a little inconsistent last year, as were many other developing players due to the lockout season. The improvement in his J was very noticable. Still needs work, but the kid is in the gym pretty much 24/7.

He suffered a lot with Bargnani being hurt most of the season - had to pull more wieght than he should have to. As mentioned above he has improved every year. He will also have a much better team this year.

Jonas / Bargnani / Fields-Kleiza / Derozan / Jose-Lowry

This team will be out and running all the time. Demar will be able to slide into more of a comfort zone and not have to do as much. He is just one solid piece on a team that is ready to fight for a playoff spot.

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He's pretty good, but not a first option on a team. Thats what he was asked to be last year though with Bargnani injured and no other offensive threats. This year they have Lowry, Bargnani will be healthy, and they picked up Ross, along with signing JV. They'll be a much improved squad and with better balance, there will be more driving lanes for him because he is a bad shooter.

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I watch every Raptors

I watch every Raptors game.
Probably not a first option, the raptors are filled with young, 2nd and 3rd options.

But I do like our team. Him playing as a 3rd option will be nice for him.
Ross's ability to shoot will also help him out as well.

Lowry-Ross-Derozan-Bargs-Jonas is nice for our future.

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I'll be interested to see how

I'll be interested to see how the Raptors fit in Ross, Fields and DeRozan, I'd assume that DeRozan or Fields will play SF with Ross from the bench initially.

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I'll be interested to see how

I'll be interested to see how the Raptors fit in Ross, Fields and DeRozan, I'd assume that DeRozan or Fields will play SF with Ross from the bench initially.

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he could

be J-Rich type if gets better at shooting,remember J.Rich also wasnt that good shooter coming to the league,he is athletic,could be 20ppg scorer on a 8th seed playoff team

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