DeJuan Blair to NJ NETS??

Fred Kerber of the New York Post provides some very telling insight into what the New Jersey Nets will be looking for in this upcoming draft:

Nets team president Rod Thorn likely will dial NBA central casting this summer with a simple but awfully hard-to-fill request.

"Get me a moose."

That will be among the Nets' chief priorities this offseason -- if not the No. 1 quest. In a perfect world, a 25-year-old Charles Oakley would walk into Thorn's office, solving several major headaches.

"A guy who can defend, a guy who can rebound, a guy who does all the little dirty work out on the floor, sets screens," Thorn said. "A guy like that is invaluable."

Sounds like DeJuan Blair to us. New Jersey currently is slated to draft 10th or 11th depending on tiebreakers at the moment, unless a shake-up occurs in the lottery. Indiana also reportedly may have interest.

In my opinion they need SF and James Johnson or Sam Young are the best players available

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No way Blair goes on 10th or

No way Blair goes on 10th or 11th. I think the GM who picks Blair that early should be FIRED on the spot!

Ike Diogu was 6-8 and around 250 when he got drafted and look at what he's done. I think Blair will have a similar career to Ike, IMO.

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Blair is much better than Diogu...he score 22 points and grab 23 rebounds over Thabeet!!

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Blair is just stronger then

Blair is just stronger then everyone in college and has good toch by the rim. In college beiong undersized isn't that bad. I mean I am 5'9 and play down low with my friends who are tasller then me but I can finish so I give them problems too. But that won't translate up a level either.

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if nets are trading down to get blair...

well that makes sense... yi jianlian is a bust and ryan anderson isnt a low post guy...
if they are going to keep the pick... then earl clark makes sense to me.
james johnson could be a reach and i dont think nets will go for sam young because of his age (i think hes a year older than the rest of the seniors)

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