DeJuan Blair

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DeJuan Blair

One of the most underrated players in the NBA. One of my favorite college plays from the last few years was when Thabeet blocked his shot back to the 3 point line, he went out and got the ball, and drove right back at Thabeet for an and 1. Every time I watch him get in he plays really well. He hustles, he's efficient, and he's a tenacious offensive rebounder. Last year he started 62 of 66 regular season games and had a good year but then fell out of the rotation during the playoffs and hasn't gotten back into it. I understand that he doesn't complement Duncan very well, but I think he should be getting a lot more minutes when Duncan isn't in the game.

He's an unrestricted free agent this summer and he'll probably get a contract worth $2-3 million per year, but honestly I think he's worth about $5 million per. If I were a playoff team looking to add an extra PF who can get boards (Heat, Nuggets, Clippers, Knicks), I'd definitely go after him. I'd be very comfortable offering him a 4-year $18-20 million dollar deal. I hope he ends up with a team that gives him the playing time he deserves.

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"How overrated are ACL's?" -

"How overrated are ACL's?" - Craig Sager

"I don't know, I don't have any." - Dejuan Blair

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"Dejuan Blair did not bring

"Dejuan Blair did not bring any ligaments to the game" - Chris Webber

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He has been solid his entire

He has been solid his entire career. Not fantastic at D since he isn't very long. But he hits the boards and he takes high percentage shots.
But why leave San Antonio. The man's knees aren't great. Maybe he should find a way he can hang in the league and not rack up major minutes. He might regret it if he got himself in a situation where he had to play 35 minutes a night.

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Or he could go to the team

Or he could go to the team that offers him the most money like a normal person

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He is long

He is long for his height. He measured at 6'6" with a 7'1" wingspan when he entered the draft. He is just short and doesn't get much lift but length is not a weakness considering his height.

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Blair would win the Sprite

Blair would win the Sprite Layup Contest if there was one. He finishes some of the craziest ones in traffic, especially when he got some playing time in the first round versus the Lakers.

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They have so many solid

They have so many solid players. Pop is the best coach in the nba at developing players. Blair could defiantly use some more minutes. But how bout t-macs dimes. That second unit looked nice. I honestly believe that the spurs have something special this year. Lebron pissed off the basketball gods in his Miami debut introduction. Not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 just 1 hahahaha

Sounds like lebron went to the wrong beach. All I could think about when d-wade had all that space was wow Kobe would be killin these fools

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"Sprite layup contest" yeees

"Sprite layup contest" yeees hahah

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Not very long? Blair is one

Not very long? Blair is one of the longest undersized guys. He has a 7'2 wingspan on a 6'5(barefoot) frame. As well as an 8'10.5 standing reach.That is extremely long.

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I was thinking that he would

I was thinking that he would be a good replacement for Z Bo if Memphis trades Zach. Blair would be good off the bench for
15 minutes a night (more if his knees were good).

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"a good replacement for ZBO"??????

You call him a replacement for ZBO, then say he's good for 15 minutes??? No wonder your score is negative.

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Perhaps the warriors could

Perhaps the warriors could use him if landry decides to test free agency. We could always use some more size and rebounding, and a player who takes high % shots unlike the rest of the team.

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Agree but they may pass since they have Dryamond Green who plays a similar game.

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Blair is basically a shorter David Lee with longer arms. ._.
It'd be a horrible defensive PF rotation...

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I think the Kings should go

I think the Kings should go after him. Like somebody said on another board, Thompson and Patterson play to soft. Plus you bring in a high character guy and a hard worker. The Kings need both of that in their locker room.

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I think he'd be a good filler

I think he'd be a good filler for Dallas. They're probably going to drop big salaries like Brand, Kaman, Marion, and others to pursue a big name free agent. IF they do land a big name or even if they don't I think Blair would be a good guy to bring in at 2 million a year to be a nice glue guy off the bench. He works hard, he doesn't command a big salary and he's even proven he can start from time to time if needed and be successful. That seems to be a great piece to a super team or a team that swung for the fences and missed. He can give you 15 mpg or 25.

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It hurts me to say this, but

It hurts me to say this, but I think he will end up in Charlotte. I don't think there will be particularly big money offers out there, and in that spot he will get minutes. They are in the tough spot of having money, but not being in a position to justify adding older veterans. Blair is still young and can help them out. They need to add capable player to that front line, and this isn't the draft to do it. I think they might be best served going for Blair, Brandan Wright, and maybe bring in a few second chance prospects like Jon Leuer or Trey Thompkins. It wouldn't be franchise changing stuff, but raising the quality of big men would give their guards and wings a better chance of developing.

Brooklyn and Indiana would make some sense as well.

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