Dedmon the stretch big

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Dedmon the stretch big

After only attempting one three pointer in 224 career games, Dewayne Dedmon of the Atlanta Hawks is shooting 35% from three on 1.3 attempts per game. This is a surprising addition to his game. Who else knew about this aside from hardcore Hawks homers?

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Literally saw this post and

Literally saw this post and tried to name as many players as I could from the Atlanta Hawks. Got two - Schroder and Bazemore. Should of got John Collins and Taurean Prince. Everyone else I had no idea played for the Hawks or have never heard of them in my life.

They really are in for a rough year.

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It'll only be a rough year if

It'll only be a rough year if we doesn't end with a top 4 draft pick (Bagley, Porter, Ayton, Doncic). The draft drops off a bit after that IMO

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We desperately need Porter or Doncic. I think our talent at the wings is far inferior to the talent down low.

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The Hawks possibly didn't get

The Hawks possibly didn't get a great deal when Teague moved on but they got a pick for Korver, they have picks likely top come across from Houston and T-Wolves this year, the pick for Korver next year. Add in their own likely high draft picks and they will have a fair bit of ammo to rebuild.

They will have cap space after this year to take on extra salary dumps for assets or look at FAs.

Whilst this year may be hard for them and next season likely too, they can rebuild around Schroder who they have on a very favourable contract and whoever they draft. The top of the 2018 draft is considered fairly deep - 4 or 5 very good prospects. So if they get say a top 4 pick, they should get a good prospect regardless.

Horford and Millsap both developed good 3 point ranges at Hawks, so their shooting coach is probably helping Dedmon to improve too. With the team not chasing results as such Dedmon may have more freedom to take some 3 pointers and if it improves his game then it is good for both sides. The Hawks get a more effective big and Dedmon has another weapon in his arsenal which could help his FA value next time..

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