A Decade of Clipper Relevance?

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A Decade of Clipper Relevance?

They say a SuperStar should give you roughly a 7-10 year window of Winning. Blake is that one SStar that can move the needle of NBA interest in the Month of January, with his explosive game & a n improving midrang game he could dominate. The Clipps have $$$ for the next 2 years, Genius Move to trade BDub & the Draft Pick. that was a 13mill dollar savings, that they can use to sign veterans or hold out and get a 2nd SStar to play with Blake.

How would you fill out the rest of the roster?

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Learn English

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whatever... the issue is

whatever... the issue is still the same in clipperland : DONALD STERLING...

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Well first things first, 7-10

Well first things first, 7-10 years is a stretch because Griff is going to be a free agent after 3 more seasons and could theoretically leave the Clippers high and dry if they don't start becoming a contender ASAP.

Second of all calling the Baron Davis (I assume this is the BDub you are referring to) and the draft pick trade a genius move is yet to be determined. Yes it might be genius if they manage to get one of the elite talents in FA this year (Dwight, CP3 or Deron) but if they strike out on those three then trading the pick that ended up being the 1st overall might end up being a mistake.

For your other question if I was the Clippers this is probably how I would build the rest of my team.

First of all I think Eric Gordon is capable of being a multiple All-Star and an ideal scoring compliment to Blake. Averaged 22.3 PPG and 4.4 APG last year and he still hasn't turned 23 years old yet. So they're set at the SG spot.

1. Go out and grab a franchise PG, either Paul or Williams. Both of them are still young enough to play at an All-NBA level for several more years at least and will improve the play of Gordon and Griffin.

2. Resign DeAndre Jordan at a decent price: Jordan isn't going to take scoring opportunities away from the other Clippers players but he is an athletic, young (23 year old), true center who can rebound and block shots. Ideal big man to play next to Griffin.

3. Hope that the TWolves put them in good draft position for this year and take a SF who can defend and score, Harrison Barnes is probably a best case scenario right now but I even think Kidd-Gilchrist would be a great fit (then again I'm a huge Kidd-Gilchrist fan and think he will be a lockdown defender at the next level).

4. Give more minutes this season to Al-Farouq Aminu and see if either he can develop into their starting small forward moving forward or if can at least be a good sixth man for them;being able to come in at both forward positions off the bench.

5. Spend any other available money to round out the bench, add another swingman (either a shooter or defender) and probably a backup center.

If the team looks something like this by the start of the 2012-2013 I think they will be in pretty good shape for the future:

PG: Chris Paul/Eric Bledsoe

SG: Eric Gordon/Mikael Pietrus

SF: Harrison Barnes/Al-Farouq Aminu

PF: Blake Griffin/Ryan Gomes

C: DeAndre Jordan

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How Donald Sterling thinks:

How Donald Sterling thinks: "Will fans show up to watch Blake Griffin dunk?" Yes. "Good, team is done, save as much money on salary as you can."

The Clippers do not attempt to maximize their championship chances, they try to maximize the dollars earned.

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Copy and paste that into an email and send it to the Clippers GM. I couldn't agree more with what you said.

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i donno if trading away the

i donno if trading away the #1 pick in the draft was a genious move but ok...

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