Deandre Kane

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Deandre Kane

If Deandre Kane wasn't 24 years old do you think he would be a top ten player in this years draft? I mean I seen a couple games and I was really impressed and his stats are amazing 17ppg 6rpg 5apg and he's a big guard who can give smaller guards in the nba some trouble at 6'4 200lbs....what y'all think?

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He will be 25 when the season

He will be 25 when the season starts..Alot of teams like him,becuz he's a great playmaker,clutch player,good athlete,tough,fearless & competitive..But his age limits his upside, what you see is what you get...He also brings some off he court baggage...And in deep draft with so many younger point guards rated ahead of him,its hard to gage where he will land..I say 2nd round to undrafted...

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If he was younger and didn't

If he was younger and didn't have attitude concerns than maybe he could've been a lottery pick to mid first rounder. I'm always impressed by him when I get a chance to see Iowa State. He's just a really good all round player. But I've got to agree with Rudeboy, at nearly 25 with off-court concerns I don't think he'll go higher than mid-second.

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I maintain that whether he

I maintain that whether he gets drafted or not, he's and NBA player. He's not a great shooter, but being mature, strong, and so smart using his body and strength to get buckets is absolutely translatable. He'll have no problem adjusting to NBA caliber athletes...hell, he's probably stronger than half of the guards in the league.

I like him as a cheap option to give you points in the 2nd unit. I personally think he's good enough to be drafted, but this is the type of guy who even if he isn't is going to put up 20 ppg in summer league and get on as a free agent.

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Good college player

Kane has played very well this season and i like how he steps up in crunch time and he makes big shots and key plays but his age will hurt his draft stock.If he was younger yes he would be a possible first rounder in the 15-20 range but since he is older he will be a second round pick or go undrafted.He is a good college player it seems like his game can translate to the NBA but we shall see what happens with Kane.

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He's pretty good, I think

He's pretty good, I think he's alot like Jamont Gordon who used to be at Mississippi State. Kane plays slightly wild and he cant really shoot that well, but I think he can make a squad and impress someone because he's a physical player who has proven to be able to run a team.

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