A Deadly Fantasy

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no thanks

not interested sorry

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ok I will make it my life

ok I will make it my life goal to destroy you for I have the soul of arran smith in me.

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Sonic, I will also trade for


I will also trade for Faried. He's just fun to watch even if his stats are limited by the number of minutes he gets. I know you said PGs are off limits, but I'd take Irving off your hands at a good price.

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“I wish I could be a rookie

“I wish I could be a rookie and a young guy at 22 years old, but those days are long gone,” Scola said. “I’m thankful for being around a little bit and playing a little game, I think there are always some things I can say that can help. We’ll see if I can help the team and help the players with stuff besides the actual playing part.”

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My Roster

My Current Roster:
Point Guards - Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Mike Conley, Kemba Walker, Aaron Brooks

Wings - Wesley Matthews, JR Smith, Daniel Green, Al-Farouq Aminu, MarShon Brooks, Shannon Brown

Post - Nene, Trevor Booker

I missed the draft unfortunately so this is the team that was randomized for me, which I'm mostly happy with except for the massive ammount of point guards and lack of big men. Fortunately Curry & Walker can slide to the two spot if necessary.

I have a pending trade of Mike Conley for Carlos Boozer, they're for the most part pretty equal as far as fantasy value, and I'm obviously in a major need of a big man because as it stands I have statistically the lowest rebounding in the league, and one of the lowest FG% due to all the guards & shooters I have. Yes I know Boozer is no beast on the boards, but considering I only have two guys that average 7 RPG and then a bunch of wings that have 2 RPG or less, even Boozer is an upgrade.

I also picked up Tyler Hansbrough from free agency since Curry is currently injured & to give me a big man even if he isn't that great. However Curry is expected to be ready for his first real NBA game so I will more than likely be dropping Hansbrough or Shannon Brown when/if Curry gets cleared to play.

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As far as personal goals are

As far as personal goals are concerned, Novak explained that he reflects on and set individual standards for himself during the summer, but once the regular season begins, they become an afterthought and team success becomes the only true objective.

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