David Lee to tha Raptors

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David Lee to tha Raptors

There has been a recent report that tha Toronto Raptors are planning to make an offer between 8-10 mill range. I personally like his work ethic he is a tough rebounder and he fights for his points. i believe he is worth this money, do u?

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he maybe worth it

he maybe worth it but do the raptors need to spend 8 to 10 million on a player that can't create his own shot or make a play at the end of the shot clock? and i'm not big on going in the direction of hedu either b/c two years into the five year deal that he is looking for the team will be looking to move him. lets not fall for that b. colangelo!!!

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Is this a sign that Bosh

Is this a sign that Bosh could be traded this summer?

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This is very weird. Their 3

This is very weird. Their 3 best players could be all power forwards. How is that gonna work? Bosh at SF? Or will he be traded?

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if that's true

i think the Raps will be looking to trade Bosh, I think the Warriors would be interested in him.

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Lee for Bosh?

I think the rumor of D. Lee being pursued by the Raps has sign and trade written all over it, which Bosh will be sent to the NY. In the order for the salaries to work I see Jeffries (6.5 mil) and Lee (9 -10 mil) for Bosh (16 mil). It may not sound like enough for a player of Bosh's caliber but I think Toronto does not want to lose him for nothing. If this is the case the Knicks would land one of the two prized free agents they have been targeting a year earlier.

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i love

i love david lee but not on tha raptors

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D. Lee

lol I live in Toronto and i can tell they need someone like D. Lee hes a double double machine but i dont see him coming here. God knows these girl scouts in red called the raptors need him but i dont see him coming

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If Lee goes to the Raptors

If Lee goes to the Raptors it will definitely be a sign & trade I imagine. Except Toronto would want a better player than Jefferies. Maybe Lee & Hughes for Bosh? It would be a great move for the Knicks.

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