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Thoughts on david lee for ryan anderson? Ryan anderson can really shoot the 3 and he is a perfect fit for playing small ball in the warriors system. david lee is an instant double double guy and would work well with anthony Davis. To me this a low risk low reward pick and it would be cool if happened. To be honest i'm just on the warriors bandwagon right now and it would be awesome to add another 3 point specialist.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the Warriors already got enough 3-point shooters...

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Lee is very valuable to GS,

Lee is very valuable to GS, he give's them much important rebounding, inside scoring, and is an underrated passer/ball-handler, he fits very well in GS's up-tempo offense. Anderson work work really well if the Warriors had one very good center, like Greg Monroe, to play an up-tempo, 1-in 4-out, wide-open offense. Sadly, they have Bogut, who's average. Plus Lee is a better player than Anderson, so straight up it wouldn't be a great deal for GS.

I think New Orleans, needs a true center to go along with Davis. I don't think Davis is strong enough to hold down the paint on his own right now, even though he's a great shot blocker.

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Plus if davis develops an

Plus if davis develops an outside shot and more of a finesse skilled game with a decent mid range jump shot which I think he is capable of, he will have the skills of a power forward and the defensive ability of most centers which would be great. Having a true center (as in a strong defensive pressence and a rebounder, which is what most centers are now) would be best for him.

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you're right

yah bad idea you guys are right. How about Bogut for anderson? thoughts??

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why would anyone want Bogut? constantly hurt. No thanks.

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I've been saying this since

I've been saying this since Lee went down: We're not better without Lee, but playing 4 perimeter guys really bodes well for us especially against this Nuggets team. I've been saying for the last few days we should go back to Nellie ball and start running up and down the court like maniacs again. It worked yesterday, and I honestly can't wait to watch the game live on Friday, the wait is killing me!

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