Dave Telep Hired by Spurs

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Dave Telep Hired by Spurs

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ESPN's recruiting will probably suffer

I thought it improved quite a bit with the addition of Telep, they will definitely need to try and find an apt replacement. As far as his hiring, it is tough to question much of what the Spurs do. Telep has been around for a long time, has a lot of connections, knows a lot of these players and has been following them forever. Am definitely happy for him and will be following how he and the Spurs do over these next few years when they may be looking to start over with Timmy and Manu's retirement likely on the horizon.

I know Telep also has his critics and I do not always agree with every one of his assessments, but he seems like a likeable guy and he has a great deal of experience in scouting. Think he made ESPN's rankings quite a bit more viable, even if he would go to far out on a limb with guys who were "late bloomers". Still, he was one of the first people to rank Anthony Davis #1, which was right on the money. Wish him all the best and think winding up with the Spurs seems like a pretty sweet gig.

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Good for him, he seems good

Good for him, he seems good at what he does

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Good move for the Spurs. Its

Good move for the Spurs. Its baffling how desinterested NBA types are with grassroots Basketball, Clark Francis writes this continously. You really have another perspective following kids for years, what is in his head and heart. As for ESPN, they will recharge. I respect Telep since his start as sidekick with Brick Oettinger at Prepstars 15 years ago. Unfortunately he writes sort of dull, there is not much of hyper and Imagination like with Francis or Oettinger.

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They better not take Aran

They better not take Aran from us!

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