Da'Sean Butler

Throughout the NCAA tournament, Da'Sean Butlers draft stock was risen like no other. He had an amazing showing, working WVU all the way to the final four. His draft stock went from mid-second round, to late-first round. Unfortunately for WVU and Da'Sean Butler, Da'Sean got hurt on the final seconds of WVU's final four loss. It was reported that he tore his ACL, sprained his MCL, and got two bone bruises. Now clearly, that doesn't sound like a minor injury and as expected, Butlers stock plummeted big time. But was the injury big enough to complete ruin Butlers NBA chances to the point of him going undrafted? Well, that seems to be the consensus.....What do you think?

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Butler has the potential to

Butler has the potential to come back from the injury and be a good role player on any team. That can be said for few of the players going in the 50-60 range. I'd be surprised if teams in that range passed on him because of the potential that he has.

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I think he'll get picked in

I think he'll get picked in the very late 2nd. He's shown he can score from the mid-range area and even though he's not all that talented, he has shown he can be a great player at the highest levels of college ball. That ACL injury will take some of the average athleticism he possessed, but he should still be in the NBA sooner or later.

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A team that is trying to win

A team that is trying to win right away will take a chance on him. he can help some teams right away. mid to late 2nd

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not getting drafted

not getting drafted

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he'll make a roster next

he'll make a roster next season but i doubt he gets drafted... wesley matthews anyone?

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The think about Butlers

The think about Butlers injury is that it doesnt take anything away from him.. Yea you lose some athleticism but has Butler ever been labeled an athlete?? No... He is slow and doesnt have great hops.. Everyone thinks that his best attribute is his scoring but I have to disagree. IMO, his greatest attribute is his intelligence.. He learned the game from Beline and learned how to play it from Huggins.. This guy is a rare player in how he was taught.. Someone is going to get lucky when they sign him. A team that can stand to wait on him is going to be very happy they did.. He could be a guy like Matthews.. Defend, make open shots, play smart ball.

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