Daryl Morey a top 5 GM in the league

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Daryl Morey a top 5 GM in the league

I have been very impressed with Daryl Morey. He has nailed late round draft picks (Budinger and Parsons), turned early draft picks into James Harden. Signs Dwight and may set up another move to acquire Josh Smith. This guy is always thinking a step ahead of all the other GM's in the league it seems like. I will not jump the gun and say he is the best considering he has no titles and Jerry West/Pat Riley are still around but he is right up there after them. From an analytic stand point he is second to none. The Rockets need to give him a raise!

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I agree and was thrilled to

I agree and was thrilled to see the Sixers hire Sam Hinkie who clearly has learned a thing or two from Morey. The Sixers likely will be terrible next year but I haven't been this excited about their off season moves in as long as I can remember.

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they turned chase budinger

they turned chase budinger into terrence jones who I think will be a solid NBA starter. A trade built around asik and terrence jones and a couple first round picks for josh smith would be a decent trade for both sides since the hawks get a center and they get younger for a player they were already going to lose. He basically did what the danny ainge did with the celtics when he got the big 3, which was get young assets and trade them away for established players and draft well to supplement what you have left.

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jerry west is the current GM

jerry west is the current GM of 0 nba teams

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Top Front Office guys, if I

Top Front Office guys, if I had to do a quick list I'd say Pat Riley, Ric Burford and then maybe Morey. I think that Sam Presti slips down the list a bit now and does Kevin Pritchard still have a fan club?

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No doubt Morey is top 3. It's

No doubt Morey is top 3. It's easier to go from bad to great than good to great, and assuming the rumors that Dwight is going to the Rockets are true, Morey turned a middle of the pack team to a serious contender. That's remarkable.

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... watchout... we don't even

... watchout... we don't even know how it will works and the success they MAYBE will have. Now it's only about potential we're talking about. And we all know it doesn't mean anything when "winter is coming"... euh... playoffs.

NY, Brooklyn have made the same kind of moves (clearing space, changing totally their roster, paying big money to 2/3 players) in the past 3/4 years... and they don't really prove themselves as real serious contenders. Maybe Brooklyn this year bringing big winners (KG/PP) will have a shot.

I don't think Howard and Smith (IF..) joining harden are SO much better players than melo/stoud/chandler or williams/johson/wallace.

AND what about those so important ROLE PLAYERS and TEAM CHEMISTRY ? Did anybody notice the teams in finals for this year were Miami (better star players and better role players together for the last 3 years) and SA (even better solid group together during years...). Last year ? Miami (more talented and better supporting cast) and OKC (together during years...). Before ? Miami (...) and Dallas (solid group together during years...).

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After RC Buford Morey is the

After RC Buford Morey is the best GM in the business, I remember last July we were hating on his moves to the point that some were calling for his jobs, and called it a joke that he thought that he could get Dwight. Well, I guess he gets the last laugh. Houston is scary, especially if they get Ryan Anderson for Asik, I'd rather do that deal and keep Lin than get Josh Smith, I think Smitha and Dwight together would be a disaster.

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