Darko says he's DONE with the NBA

On the 10th anniversary of the 2003 draft.....1 member from that class Darko Milicic the 2nd pick in that draft,has announced his playing days in the nba are over...Darko said in an interview with an international newspaper,that he will not play in the nba again.........

:ROUGH TRANSLATION from Serbia::No more chances..This is a done deal..Bygone..Hence, i wear alot of bad experiences ..Guilt is mutual,it was bad moves with their with my hand....However,it is not worth to talk about...They think they should play a supporting role and wait for his chance..understand why they have such an attitude..My nba career speaks to me for such a player..But i'm not..

{{What i got out of that,is that Darko hasn't been happy about the way he was ..Teams feel he's a suppoting player..And feels he's a top player......

Darko Milicic says he's done with the NBA via @cbssports

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Darko says he's DONE with the NBA

Done? when did Darko really start??? HUGE BUST!!!

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Darko should save his money

Darko should save his money and be greatful that he played as many years as he did.

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No, the NBA said it was done

No, the NBA said it was done with Darko lol

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I See

That probably explains why he wasn't much as a role player. He wouldn't accept his role.

I think he got screwed mentally while in Detroit, but he has had enough real chances and people in charge to believe in him. I saw the flashes of what he could do at times, but he is the last guy that needs to make excuses. He flat out did not produce with any consistency when given the chance. I think as a pick he looks horrible in hindsight mostly because of how good guys right after him were, but I don't think that he l was a horrible pick at the time. Detroit already had a deep and championship caliber team. They went for the homerun. They got the tall guy, that had a nice skill set. If Darko was coming out this year based on what was known prior to that draft, he would be the 1st pick.

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He said the same thing a few

He said the same thing a few years ago.

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Don't let...

Don't let the door hit you in the @ss Darko.

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Darko went through 6 or so

Darko went through 6 or so teams and had numerous chances, he made good money in the NBA and can make a good salary in Europe so I don't see him ever returning.

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No player is ever done with

No player is ever done with the NBA. The NBA is done with players. If someone offered him a 4yr 20 million deal he would be back in a second. Like another player said he above Darko did the same thing a few years ago and the Wolves offered him a pretty solid deal and he returned. Players chase the money and I have no doubt he will get a better offer overseas than what he could here.

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He joins the likes of Eddy

He joins the likes of Eddy Curry,Keith Van Horn,guys that had the talent..But didnt have the passion or the heart....

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Attention! All members of the


All members of the Darko fan club are invited over to my house to talk about our favorite Darko memories and then board a plane to Serbia to start a new life there.

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I can't believe

I can't believe he made roughly $52 million in 10 years doing nothing as a player.

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Ill miss you Darko

I'll miss you Darko

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The benchwarmer is a great

The benchwarmer is a great job though darko, it pays well and you sit on your @ss and have a front row seat.

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This is embarrassing but I'll

This is embarrassing but I'll admit it. As a kid i was so excited we drafted him that I went out and died my hair and had the same haircut as him and looked just like him, tall skinny with that haircut. You will be missed, Mr too sexy for my jersey that I just rip it

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He also said that he thinks

He also said that he thinks his career with Serbia's national team is definitely over. He last played for them in 2007 and he thinks he has no more chances there either.

He also said he still has not found a Euroleague team to sign with (it's going on a year now).

It is starting to look like his career in general might be over.

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It will be much easier for the heat to threepeat now.

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On behalf of Piston fans

On behalf of Piston fans worldwide, BYE BYE YOU SCRUB!! YOU WONT BE MISSED!!

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Darko you will be missed. =(

Darko you will be missed. =(

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Wow. I have no idea what to

Wow. I have no idea what to do with my life now Im in disarray

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He'll be back. Sometimes the

He'll be back. Sometimes the games' top players just have to take a little break from dominating to regain their focus. This is just another Jordan 94-95 situation.

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