Darius Johnson Odom

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Darius Johnson Odom

The Lakers traded for him in exchange for cash considerations. Do you believe he can crack their rotation, and how much potential does he actually have?

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“Monty is a player’s coach,”

“Monty is a player’s coach,” Anderson said. “Monty is real active on the court [during practice]. He’ll show you what he wants you to do rather than just tell you and I really like that. He’s done a great job with this young group getting everyone together and on the same page. The whole management staff has done a great job getting a good group of guys together who will really listen to Monty. He’s a really smart coach and he’s going to take us a long way.

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There are a flurry of

There are a flurry of questions in the minds of NBA fans in the wake of Saturday night’s blockbuster trade between the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Did the Thunder take a step back? Is Houston a playoff team now? Did the Rockets give up too much? Did Oklahoma City get the best deal possible?

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