Dario Saric...Any Info?

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Dario Saric...Any Info?

I have known about Dario Saric for awhile now, but haven't heard much about him lately.

Anybody get a chance to watch him lately, & know about his development & how is game is coming along?

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recently he won his first

recently he won his first profesional trophy. Croatian cup against Euroleague team Cedevita. He had 7 points, 14 reabounds, 6 asists, 3 bloscks, erned 7 fouls and 1 steal they did not counted. He also played more then good defense overall without single foul. His great all arond went dow as he had 2-8 from 1-6 for 2. With fem more points he would be clear MVP....but day after game he went shooting 500-600 FT, so no worries...

here is full game

day before in semifinals he had 8 points, 9 rebounds, 3 asists, 5 steals

you can catch some highlights from finals and semifinals here

overall he is playing hot and cold lacking consitacny and having trouble to score. Still loking to polish few go to moves and as well strugling with shooting wich makes his life harder. Imo, he is not great shooter but it's more some mental problem at moment, cosed more by hype and soup oprea that he went trough. But he will work that out. Besides shooting bigest problem in scoring having problems with finishing after he changes directions and speed as after such plays he lacks explosivnes, strenght and leaping ability to finish plays at moment. tough when he goes for stright lane drives he had nice poster dunk and is able to finish with no problems left or right side, it's just right now it loks he lacks athletic abilitys after change of directions and speed. Post game also need polish as for now his moves are very simple.

His defense on other hand saw rapid impruvment over last 2 months getting better evrey day. In post depite lack of strengh he is pretty tough and fighter so he is defending post. Many times stopes itention of player. Perimeter defense impruved as well, many times contesting gourds from penetration or sometimes even forcing guards to give up drible. He is not uber utheltic or super strong, but his fighter spirit, toughnes and IQ will make up his limitations on defense as well. Also does not lose players som much as he was before, does not go to deep for help as he used to. and is closing in rotations better and better evrey game.

his reading of game and timing for steals and blocks are impresive.

his rebounding is elite for evrey level, that im sure. he is fighter with natrual insticts where ball will bounce. that aspect of game went quite unnoticed, but now I'm sure it's even better then his court vision

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I would if I could

I would tell you info if I could. I hate those worldwide players in the draft you are kinda guessing where they are going end up.

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