Dario Saric Will Not Declare for Draft

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Dario Saric Will Not Declare for Draft

Per Emiliano Carchia via Twitter, Dario Saric denied rumors that he will enter this year's draft. Story below isn't in English, but this could be an interesting development. I thought he would definitely decalre for the draft.

@SportandoBasket: Dario Saric in an interview with Marca denied the rumor that he will declare for the next NBA Draft

@SportandoBasket: Dario Saric: 'I need to improve my game. When I'll go to the NBA Draft I hope to be one of the first 15 overall picks'

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He is, if you think about it,

He is, if you think about it, a 6-10 skinny college freshman who's still figuring out what position he's playing. I think if he had gone to college everyone would agree he needed another year, so it's probably a good decision for him.
He's been averaging 7.7 ppg and 6.1 rpg, which is alright for such a young player in Europe (though he did shoot less than 40% from the field). But he needs to work on pretty much every single aspect of his game.

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As true as everything you

As true as everything you said is, being an international player he can still declare, get drafted and stay a year there before coming to the NBA. Personally if I was him, I would probably follow this path because do not see him shooting up 2014 draft since far stronger than this years draft. That way he would make more money when he comes over for 2014-2015 season

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he is alredy rich, ernig good

he is alredy rich, ernig good money since he was 15

he is right, because he needs to impruve his game, not get paid or get drafted

if he proovs him self as quality player he will get drafted high no mather draft strenght

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It is a good decision. I was

It is a good decision. I was surprised to see the rumors lately that Dario would enter given what his father was saying during the contractual problems with Bilbao, and the way everything played out did not help matters. He had to join a new team in midseason, which is tough on anyone much less a teenager in the Adriatic League, and had to layer that with transitioning from a lower level of competition (which comes as no shock to anyone unless of course if the player is Greek and playing in a league with no money or importsbecause then of course any doubts are purely a funciton of anti-Greek racism... but I digress I'm sure there will be plenty of time for that next year). It does no one any good to get to the highest levels of competition and simply get lost once there because they are not ready.

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