Dario Saric

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Dario Saric

Cibona won the ABA league and Saric was selected as MVP to nobody's surprise.

At the beginning of the season no one thought Cibona has much chance to win the title. But Dario Saric believed they could do it. Their rotation was cut to only 7-8 players(in the middle of the season) getting serious minutes in big games. Saric was a true leader of the team , not only according to stats but he also made everyone better and encouraged them to play with more heart and desire.
He was the best scorer and rebounder of the season in ABA (16,5ppg 9,5 rpg) and he also added 3 assists to that .
Cibona already lost three finals before and all with stronger teams , one of them even lead by Alan Anderson. You have probably heard of him.
But this year Saric showed everyone discipline and playing with heart beats money. He made his team believe they can succeed . That is what makes him special , he is a true leader and a winner .
In the finals he had 23 points on 7-17 shooting 11 boards , 7 assists and 4-5 blocked shots .
His biggest weakness is supposedly shooting , he was 5-9 from the 3pt line and 3-7 in the semifinal . He also hit all 4 free throws .

He could be worth a top ten pick in my opinion

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