Dario Saric

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Dario Saric

So whats the latest? First I heard he won't declare, now I'm hearing the opposite. If he wanted to get drafted then stay in Europe, he should have came out last year.

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His father (a former

His father (a former basketball player ) doesn't want him to go to NBA yet. He said Dario sometimes still has trouble scoring against 6-8 230 guys so how wil he score agains 6-11 250+ guys .
He also said it's true that he is the MVP of the ABA league but also that the league is not on a really high level.

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I remember reading reports on

I remember reading reports on Saric stating he is immature and cocky similar to Motiejunas. From what Ive read lately he seems extremely patient and professional for his age. Staying in Europe to develop his skills and likely perfect the english langauge is never a bad thing. Having his father slowly guide him through these challanges defenitely helps his progression and development. If Im a team with two picks I definitely would use one to stash him.

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It would seem he would be

It would seem he would be better served learning how to score against guys who are 6'11" 250 by playing against guys who are that size. Rather than beat up and learn how to score on guys who are 6'8" where the competition is "not so tough". The older he gets isn't going to help his stock. This is why players use agents and not family members. I'm sure his dad has his best interests at heart but there is also personal hurdles to hop there.

Doesn't make a lot of sense from a developmental standpoint as well as a financial/career standpoint. Then again not every player dreams of being in the NBA.

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Appears as if his father is

Appears as if his father is throwing him under the bus a little. It's a difference between motivating/protecting and exposing.

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