Darington Hobson, steal?

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Darington Hobson, steal?

--Great awareness at 6'7"
---Has upside as SG/SF
----Hungry and humble by way of route taken to get mentions as possible 2010 first-rounder.

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Yeah He can be a steal....Especially if he has a B.Roy type

Impact on the game...He does a lot on the to get better offensively but he's a all around guy...A steal in the 2nd round...

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I dont know about a B. Roy

I dont know about a B. Roy type impact....but he can be a steal

I heard the Knicks worked him out THREE times, dont know how true it is, but there definetly giving him a look, idk why....guess they were intrigued after the first one...

Very versatile guy, can do a little bit of everything on the court, imo, your typical 'Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

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i think he's a steal.. the

i think he's a steal.. the knicks mite see sumthing in him .. he's a big and very skilled guard and way more athletic then he appears .... he could go in the second but he can also go in the first .. i wish him well

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A Shaun Livingston/Matt Barnes mix.

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If you'd consider a Mardy

If you'd consider a Mardy Collins clone a steal......then yes, he'll be a steal.

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