darington hobson interview- MUST SEE

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darington hobson interview- MUST SEE

its not overly interesting but SKIP TO 1:50 and listen to the question/ me its very sad how players like hobson get their heads filled with huge expectations because some guy runs his mouth and tells him he's going mid-1st round...or, hobson never was told anything and he has delusions of grandeur (haha)

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What the hell is wrong with

What the hell is wrong with the Q&A here? I am lost on what you are upset about. Was perfectly fine with me. We don't know how teams are evaluating him. Who are we to say otherwise?

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He seems like a pretty humble

He seems like a pretty humble guy.
Hes a devout christian too.

Honestly i could definitely see Washington taking him at 30. They really need a small forward, and who else would be on the board?

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not a fan

Hobson was so lazy at the combine. I mean come on, why would you not be busting your butt in front of all those scouts? I don't know if any of you all caught it, but while they were running suicides, he was literally jogging. He better not go 1st round...

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yeah, no biggie here... check

yeah, no biggie here...

check the Cousins interview though, hes quite the character lol

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What are you mad about? He

What are you mad about? He was probably told by some teams they will consider him at their pick.

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I don't see that he said

I don't see that he said anything wrong. What is he supposed to say. I suck and I dont know why a team would pick but if they do i will happy.

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What's wrong with a little confidence, it's better than trying to be to humble cause you will not make it far in the nba without the attitude the "i'm am better than this guy and i want to prove it"

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