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Dante Exum on ZagsBlog

There have been more and more Exum posts lately, so I figured that some of you guys would find this article interesting.

In it he says that Indiana has been on him the longest.

Also, I knew that his Pops - Cecil was on the '82 UNC Championship team, but I didn't know that his mother went to UNC as well. Sounds like he wants them to recruit him “They’re a great school and I love that my mom and dad both went to North Carolina but I’m going to look elsewhere. ..If they don’t want me I’m just going to look somewhere that’s going to fit me the best.”

The article goes on to talk about the fact that because he was born in '95 and lives outside the U.S., he is able to enter the 2014 draft if he so chooses. But he graduates HS in December and is also able to enroll for the second semester at college this upcoming season. Exum certainly has a lot of options for his future and his play at the FIBA U19 Championships is helping his stock continue to rise.

I look forward to seeing what route he ends up taking.

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