Dante Exum

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Dante Exum

I must start off this topic with an admittance to only be subjected to a very limited sample size of Dante Exum's game play. (I saw the Nike Hoops Summit and several youtube highlight videos, which never really tell the story of a palyer).

The kid does have an outstanding first step and a good knack for getting to the rim and finishing, despite his lack of body mass. Kind of an unorthodox scorer to me as his jump shot is not very fluid and sort of mechanical, however he is able to keep the defense honest by knocking down a decent number of outside jumpers. Defensively I have not seen enough of him, but due to his length and quick feet he has potential to be a good defender.

However, I do not see the ever increasing hype around his game. He is compared to Anfernee Hardaway on this site, which I don't see as fair because Penny was a superior passer and ball handler which I don't see in Exum's game. I feel like Exum is a taller version of Leandro Barbosa. They are both very quick and crafty at finishing near the hoop even due to average vertical athleticism. They both have unorthodox shots that seem to be fairly inconsistent but go through in bunches from time to time. Defensively Exum should be superior to Barbosa due to height and length.

More or less I would be very cautious come draft time with this prospect. If you think you are going to get a top tier PG in Exum, I doubt that will be the case. However, if you are looking for a electric scoring 2 man (preferably 6th man), I think Exum would be an excellent choice in the latter part of the lottery. I just don't believe the hype of him being a top 5 pick in such a talented draft pool. ( I would rate Wiggins, Parker, Smart, Randle, Gordon, Andrew Harrison, Selden, and maybe a couple others ahead of him).

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He's not as explosive as

He's not as explosive as Hardaway..He gets compared to Penny becuz of their slender frame,their all around game and their creativity with the ball....

During the Hoops Summit i thought he as the best player on the floor,in a game that included Jabari Parker and Andrew Harrison ,thats saying alot...

He needs to improve his shot and play smarter in halfcourt...But the Sky is the Limit for him.......

Right now to me he's a top 10 pick,its hard to say if he's a top 3 or 5 pick,until i see how guys like Embiid,Parker,Andrew Harrison and Randle perform in college..

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To echo Rudeboy, Exum outplayed Andrew Harrison when they were matched up against one another at the Hoop Summit. At least, to me he did. He has seen his stock skyrocket since that performance.

The 6'6 size is what has him being compared to Penny.

In the U19 World Championships this summer he shot 17-51 from three, or .333%. Not bad, but that is the area that he can improve on the most.

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I fear the number of Dante

I fear the number of Dante Exum related threads could exceed Victor Oladipo comparison threads. The consensus seems to be that no one has seen enough of him yet, so let's wait and see.

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i think dante's game

i think dante's game resembles to brandon roy. may be he's still not as strong and explosive as roy was and his jump shot is still inconsistent but you have to think that this guy has just turned 18...

if he was born in the us he would still be a senior in hs this up coming year. julius randle, w.selden, a.harrison or joel embiid are all borrn in '94...

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Three guys that he reminds me

Three guys that he reminds me of are:

- Doug Christie
- Alec Burks
- Reece Gaines (as a prospect)

I'm wary as well.

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I'd have him in my top 10 for

I'd have him in my top 10 for 2014 at the moment but to guess where he will go exactly is almost pointless as we don't even know who will declare yet and what the draft order will be etc. But I don't see him being in the Wiggins, Parker, Smart class at this moment and if the draft was done tomorrow I'd have him 5th or 6th aprox.

Also being in Australia could affect his draft stock both ways, he will not be scouted personally so closely and may be more an unknown quality but that could hide flaws as much as highlight his strengths. But as I always say it only needs one team in the draft to like a player and if that team is in the lottery then said player can go very high.

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