Danny Green

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Danny Green

This guy is far and away the biggest sleeper in the draft. I heard someone say that seniors have a smoother time acclimating to the NBA and that’s true. Senior's usually round out to better players that includes draft picks. I watched Danny Green play and I don't know if anybody else watched collage basketball this year but this kid can fill it up from the outside. I heard someone say he can take it to the hole but I lean towards outside shooting to be his strong point. I think at the very least he could be a dell curry type of player and at the most he could like Reggie Miller. Blowe!!

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Danny Green can fill the whole stat sheet up!!! he's a good outside shooter, defends well, and yes he can drive to the cup if you play him for the jump shot. I wouldn't say Reggie Miller though because he will be a far superior rebounder than reggie was

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I like his game

I think a team like the Spurs would do well by targeting a player like Green he just seems like they're type of player a very capable guy who can play the 2&3.He's a shooter and a defender could be a poor man's version of Battier minus the defensive versatility as far as playing 4 men.He also would fit in with a team like Memphis who is looking for depth he could come right in and log some pretty good minutes and also with a team like that there is plenty of playing time to go around and he could develop faster because he would probably skip the D league all together.

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He would be a super valuable piece to a contender, he had done well in workouts 2 from what I've seen and heard. He may sneak into the late 1st round (where the contenders pick)

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I think he could be a very solid bench player in the league but i don't think he will be on the shooting level of Reggie Miller

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D Hamp

Are all of you guys kidding me or are you just North Carolina fans? Sorry to burst the bubble, but Danny Green isn't that good. He was a McDonald's All-American and when he was, I could be wrong, but he wasn't known for shooting. He can shoot a little, but do you really think he can get his own shot off in the NBA! The Reggie Miller comparisons are ludacris, too. Seriously. He hasn't proved to be a shutdown defender either. How is he the best sleeper in the whole draft of all the people who have declared? I could come up with at least five names.

D Hamp....the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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i think if he goes to the

i think if he goes to the right team


He will be a good rookie and will have a good career.

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not reggie miller

Reggie was a star, Danny Green wont be. I like him alot, he is one of those guys you have to watch to appreciate. He made so many smart plays that dont show up in the stat sheet last year. He wont be able to get his own shot that well at the next level, but He will stick his open looks, play tough defense, rebound, and be a very well rounded player off the bench. I could see him bieng like Chalmers last year, landing early 2nd and playing a bigger than expected role on a good team. The one thing that nobody realizes but people who watch is how well he blocks shots. He is really a factor by the rim and can put down some highlight reel dunks as well.

Watch him tea bag greg Paulus

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He can help a team

I think he's a hybrid of Roger Mason and Azubuike.

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With hard work defensively

With hard work defensively he could be like Bowen.

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But with hard work

But with hard work defensively, anyone in the 6'5 6'8 range could be like Bowen. Bowen isnt good he just works his ass off and thats something that alot of players dont do. So thats not a very good comparsion. I mean Tyreek Evans, Sam Young, Alade Aminu, and even someone like DaSean Butler (next year) could be like Bowen with hard work on defence.

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Sorry, but Danny Green is a 2nd rounder for a reason. If he was even remotely as talented as Reggie Miller, he would be a lottery pick. His release is not NBA like, he lacks the athleticism, and doesn't have good enough court vision to play in the NBA. He will likely never play a game in the NBA.

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Is he a TWIN?

I love archives.

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QHaynes: "i think if he goes

"i think if he goes to the right team


He will be a good rookie and will have a good career."

Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

D Hamp on the other hand:
"He can shoot a little, but do you really think he can get his own shot off in the NBA!"

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