Damyean Dotson left off Team USA's U19 Roster

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Damyean Dotson left off Team USA's U19 Roster

Damyean Dotson, James Robinson, Marcus Georges-Hunt and Ryan Arcidiacono were the last four to miss the cut. I was expecting an impact from Dotson in the tourney. He was named 1st Team All Freshmen PAC-12 last year and this guy can just score when he needs to and had one of the better outside shots on this team with a lack of good outside shooters. I don't know anything about Elfrid Payton but supposedly he averaged around 17 points last year in a low level of competition but his name was probably the biggest surprise that I saw on the roster. They didn't really have any true Centers to start off with in the first place so that explains how Tobey made it and I guess they really needed Frazier's outside shooting more than they needed Dotson on the team. Like I said when the roster first came out, there will be quite some good talent left off this roster and probable future NBA draftees who will be cut from this team.

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