dampier swap for Curry?

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dampier swap for Curry?

the mavs want to ship out dampier, why not trade his expiring contract to the knicks for Eddy Curry ?

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Bad Trade

Thats Pretty Stupid, Considering Curry Never Played Basketball for a year or 2 i think, and has a big contract himself, and not mention the man suffers some heart god knows how long he can be playing for......honestly no team would take on eddy curry, unless they desperate * Cough* Houston......

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You're right. Dampier would help more than Curry, although the contract is an exception, I wouldn't see NYK doing it anyways because of 2010 F.A.

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Curry is the best offensive

Curry is the best offensive post-up center in the league. The year before the Zack Randolph failed experiment, Curry shouldve made the all-star team. He is unstoppable in on the block. In a half-court system, he would be an all-star.

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not bashing

your post but honestly i dont think anyone really cares. Like as far as the mavs or fans of either team. I dont think eddy curry will ever be good or stay healthy 4 an entire season and dampier well...........he's nothing really brag about either u kno?

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